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  1. If you ever get out to Arizona again, let me know. I am terribly bad at reacting the right way with truly kind people (I am a little nuts I think - but in a safe way). But I would have been there because I am also really good at making commitments if I have a heads up in advance.

    FWIW, Sedona is great but I struggle with it being a tourist trap.

    The Grand Canyon is indescribaible. On a clear day it doesn't look real.

    You and your significant other look very comfortable with one another and I can only wish I could find that. I won't though. As long as she is alive I am forever in love with Reni's mom. I guess I took that for better or worse lifetime thing seriously. I don't know why.... but for whatever reason I am monogomous until the end. Is that weird?
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