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  1. No problem.

    I'm at my girlfriend's for the weekend, but I'll resend it when I get home Sunday night.
  2. hey there,
    thanks a bunch for trying to send that to me, but my inbox didnt get it, but thats cuz my internet has been kind of sloppy lately...If you wouldnt mind retrying to send that leg riding clinic, i would love that so much...Thanks again sir.

    ryan m.
    (try this email address this time to see if something different happens,thanks)
  3. Sure, I'll email my outline to you right away. Some of the moves are much easier to understand if you can see them demonstrated, but it should still be useful. Let me know if it helps.

  4. hi there-
    i was researching for leg riding techniques on the site, and i saw that you had a clinic that you were willing to send to a man, andi was wondering if you wouldn't mind sending this to me.i too havea basic knowledge of leg riding,but i dont throw legs in too much, probably becuase im not that great at it (hense why i would like some help)...thanks a bunch!

    ryan m.
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