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  1. When I taught that I thought it was new and called it a SPIRAL ride with a twist the Peterson-a move will disappear and then return because once you've been caught in a Peterson you never forget that sensation of helplessness. I mentioned a ''chicken wing '' one day and no one knrw what I was talking about .Take care .
  2. The butcher I described is usually done from neutral. If our guy is in control, he will probably have the near leg hooked as in your post. I'm old, too - I still teach the Navy ride to the Navy stack-up.
  3. Spider ,
    I think we posted our versions of the butcher at the same time -didn't you find your kids were prone to jumping out to the side too soon and giving up an easy escape w/out hooking the near leg ? My guys used to try to drive a guy over too soon and the botom guy would just roll through -I had't heard the term butcher as it refers to wrestling in about 20 years .I am old .
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