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  1. Mr.spider if go to in look up the wrestler jordan leen in watch some matches of his so you can see what im talking about how he put in some kind of reverse headlock to set-up the leg ride please go check it out if you dont mind mr.spider so you can give advise about what he does please!!! Thanks
  3. If you give me an email address, I'll send you my crossbody ride outline. If you'd rather not give it out, I'll post it for you here, but it's four pages long.

    I don't think you can set up your leg ride with a reverse headlock, but maybe there's a way I don't know.
  4. in spider can i use a reverse headlock to set up my leg ride when im on top when the ref blow the whistle?
  5. i seen your comments in the guy in one of your comments having the problem as me i was wondering if u could help me with my leg ride was looking for more leg riding techniques and wondering if you could send me some good moves/tactics from leg riding. I mainly do cross body leg riding and sometimes double leg riding but ive heard of different leg rides like parallel, the leg lock and the pocket but ive never seen them and i want to learn them. ive also heard of moves like the jacobs, double grapevine, counter crossface. Any info on these and any tips or techniques would be greatly appreciated.
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