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  1. Yeah I would assume so, hes probably in a weak league or maybe he's just out of shape. I like the house arrest excuse though, I laughed out loud in the middle of a silent study hall, recieved dirty looks from all.
  2. I don't know, but I would guess that he is serious and is a young high school kid who doesn't yet realize the commitment necessary for success in wrestling.
  3. Is that kid really looking for excuses or is he straight up joking
  4. A tilt is when you don't really have a pinning combination, but you expose your opponent's back to the mat to get back points. Your coach can show you how it's done.
  5. yeah well I agree that your philosophy is probably best, that's what I try to live by when I wrestle, so what is a tilt?
  6. I'd be glad to help you in any way I can, but there's nothing as good as hands-on instruction where you can see the moves. Also, your coach knows your strengths and weaknesses and can tell you specifically what you need to do to improve.

    If you want to run up the score to try to get a technical fall, one way, if you are very good on your feet, is to take your opponent down, let him up, then take him down again. Another way is with tilts, but you have to change off to a different tilt each time. My personal wrestling philosophy is to always work for the pin and the rest will take care of itself.
  7. Hay I was wondering if you'd be willing to give me some more in depth input, like how to gain tech points and some more reliable moves
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