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  1. hi im re responding umm my floating wait is 120 and i feel very stroung at 120 and i went to open mats today and beat a guy whos at 145 but thats with speed. and for my exercises i wake up i do 5mins of push up and free weights 5mins of sctretching 2mins of core exercies then i go for 1-2mile run half sprinting other half joging
  2. To respond to your question, what is your floating weight? Meaning what do you weigh when you wake up in the morning? Most people float about 1.5-2 pounds over night. Do you feel strong at 120? 119 will be your weight class, correct? Can you beat the kid at 119? What do you do as far as working outs are concerned? What is your current body fat level? These are all things to consider when deciding your weight class. Of course, peer pressure and coach pressure are difficult, but you have to do what is right for you and your best interests.
  3. hi i have a question this is my frist year wrestling and i know my whole wrestling team but my question is im 5'8'' 120pounds and i need to drop to 112 to wrestling varsity im a shopmore and thats what my whole team told me to do im also in a wrestling club and the coach wants me to drop to 112 aswell for the tourtements. whats the best way to do this?and should i cut the weight or stay at my weight or go up please help thanks
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