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  1. No Snackem, we do NOT have a girl's divisioni. That's why I mentioned Alyssa Lampe who competed against boys for 4 yaers and went down state 3 years. there are a couple of other girls here who have made a name for themselves doing FS, but being larger than AL, they have not done anything at the H.S. level. The largest girl STate place winner......her name escapes me now.... was in Maine I think and took 2nd in the state against boys at about 125-130. She like AL is doing very well nationally and internationally.
  2. Yeah right after I posted that I read your profile and saw that you were from the "north" and that you cheered for the Badgers and Gophers and figured that it may be Wisconsin. I didn't know that you had a girls division in Wisconsin. How long have you had it and is it a full fledged sport there or just club status?
  3. Funny! If you google WIAA, you get both Washington and Wisconsin. I'm in Wisconsin, Snackem. My only connection to Washington is a B/L and S/L who live in Bremerton, and we once stayed at a condo in Port Townsend.
  4. Hey I see that you live in Washington (you post about the WIAA), where in Washington do you live? I was in Colfax for aobut 5 years before moving back to Oregon (Heppner).
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