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  1. Snackem,
    I am fine-just having a hard time realizing I am crippled .The bone holding my implant broke and the surgeon says i am too young to have a total reversal surgery so i must now change some things in my life.
    My only problem is every time i move blood drips into my rib cage and i feel nauseous -knowing a thing and accepting a thing are too very different things. I'm working on acceptance right now.
    I hope you enjoy your new surroundings and get your program up and running .I did not mean to sound flippant but you will see soon that all the advice in the world will not take the place of DOING a thing . Good luck..
  2. Hey I just realized how long it's been since I checked in to see how things were going with you health wise. How's the foot? Shoulder? Everything else?

    I'll be out of town this weekend at my in-laws so I hope you have a great weekend.
  3. Snack,
    I think you had 2 qualifiers at 165 -
    lister and Gillespie.
  4. Snack-
    I'd use Lister as my flex over Kennedy as the Penn Kid is #4 in the Nation .
  5. Snack,
    Still no confirmation of the trade by JensenS-santiante has 3 matches this week and 3 next-you may want to clarify with him.
  6. Snack
    JensenS has yet to change our rosters-DO NOT know what the big deal is ?? It is 3 days early and you need the matches .
    I hate to say this but we might really need to get you in by points.You will continue to close on Zapp-DO NOT trade him a 33.Or anyone as he is your major comp.
    I cannot find anyone to trade with so I am stuck-need a 57 or 97 or a better 125. Maybe you could send out some feelers-People won't trade with me as I won last year and they think I use voodoo or something.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering if Z was going to start Drucker instead of Kubec.
  8. Snackem-
    Hate to keep bothering you but Nadhir has 4 puds this week and I might wrestle Benefiel until SURE cov is back. Nadhir has Drexel,Pitt and 2 other joke matches .
    Just thinking from a point stand point .
  9. Snackem ,
    The Nat Duals are a set of duals so you'll get points for whomever OSU sends out but KK has dropped out of the rankings and Zalesky turned in Druckers name for ranking-check Div1 wrestling . Drucker is #12(i think)-you will NEED to know by Pac 10s so I suggest writing Z. Russ
  10. I know not having Covington is KILLING me.
  11. I have been -you'd be scoring like MAD if Covington had showed .Kemerer is a solid 141 in a big conference .he is now 21-5 on the year. Beat Mikey 6-5 .Zapp keeps bothering me but all he offers are 125's -Mango is ranked higher than any of his and So is Robles -He will not part with Simaz or Reader -and that is all I see. Maybe Trice but Rugg is too good to give up for Doughboy.
    I'll make some offers but I cannot win with the wrestlers I have -regular season -yes -but not playoffs.
  12. Check out Meeks at 184. He's the RS out of Orting WA that I've been telling you about.
  13. You'll get Druckers points if he beats out Kelly-which it looks like might happen-Kemerer -the 141 we did the 3 week on-just beat Mikey 6-5.
  14. Drucker just beat Kubec.
  15. I was just about to post the same thing on your page. He's on fire today. I would have loved to see what OSU would have done with Covington there as well.
  16. SAK is just killing people -stuck Kinser and 2 other guys today.
  17. Indian REFUSES to let you use rifles to hunt . I was pretty close from the view I had .
    Just got a PM from MOJO as I asked a 3 week on jacK and he said he said he had agreed to your trade . So you'll be getting Kubec and Jack .
    JensenS will be shitty but I'll back you two up.
  18. Russ, it was actually a .338 with a 3X10 Leupold VXIII scope (it actually may be a Leupold Rifleman at that time).
  19. Snack-
    Did you receive the e-mail ? I asked Tirapelle -a former great from Clovis high -about SAK-he would adopt him apparently -

    About the 33 loan-I have Stabile at 149,Ward at 197 and either of my 141's for the 3 week . I am excited to see how Stabile does this week-he was top 10 at start of last year before he went down to injury -the year before that he was 27-11 with 4 losses to Caldwell-ACC runner up and champ once.
    Is That a .308 with a telescopic lens ? The sling, scope and rifle are all illegal to hunt with in this pud state . IF I ever get the use of my right arm back I am outta here and out to AZ.Live in a VAN and buy a lite 380 with extended clip and maybe a mini uzi-have my disability checks sent here and use my debit card and just travel. I cannot take the monotonous life I have now much longer -I would rather die in a fire fight than in this attic apt. in BED !!
    Let me know who you want and if you still want to do it . Russ
  20. Snackem-
    I don't know if you received my PM but JensenS will not approve the trade unless you post and confirm and explain why you want to make the trade .
    I talked to him but he said he needs to hear it from you . So do it soon or you will NOT be able to use Wilps . He said he will let it go through but you must tell him ?
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