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  1. Thanks Jeremy!
  2. So are you at the NCAAs? If so what is the atmosphere like there did the home town team's fans travel well? I like PSU's shot if Wade and/or Ruth can come back and AA.
  3. The PIAA has now 4 classes AAAA, AAA, AA & A for various sports. AAAA is for FB only I believe. But wrestling competition is only AA & AAA .AAA is the largest.
  4. I knew he was undefeated in HS and a 4X PA champ just wondering how many times if any he was the tournaments OW (or the divisions). I see in the videos that he wrestled in the AA class how many classes did PA have? Was AA the largest?
  5. Kolat won 4xs. He was 137-0 in HS & 111-7 in college. I posted a few more links on your thread. Yea I am a big CK fan...
  6. Thanks for the link, did Kolat ever (or rather how many times) did Kolat win the OW?
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