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  1. Scot-just did your scores -136- with a match left .
  2. Scot-
    I am really sorry about the Archuleta deal-Purdue won all 4 matches just didn't use Juan -he placed in the Midlands tho-sorry .
  3. Scot-
    I dropped Kessler as he doesn't wrestle until Midlands -you are good to go with Archuleta -also-at 149 RJPena is 13-4 or close to that -lost a couple of close decisions to Chamberlain but has 7-8 falls -Oregon State has a great schedule left and his only comp in the Pac 10 is chamberlain . Food for thought as I noticed you have Radar who ,after 2 years , got stuck and inj def 'd out of the PSU open .Your call .russ
  4. Will do. Copy down Purdue's line up-45-50 matches .
  5. Sounds good, make the Archuleta thing happen so I can use him when I do my line-ups tommorrow or later today.
  6. Scott-
    Make sure your next line up has Salazar in it as Purdue wrestles 3 Div 1 schools and an NAIA school -you mught want to pick up Archuleta just for that Quad -the teams suck and you can get your points rolling -with King going to win Reno you should score big !!! We old bags of dirt have to stick together .
  7. Yes please, thanks.
  8. scot-just listened to the Hofstra coach announce Accordino is out for the season .I was thinking of picking up Kessler from Rider at the supplemental in our league -he was 25-11 at 157 last year and is off to a good start at 149-was ranked second behind Accordino in the CAA. Now first .You want him instead ?
  9. Scot-
    No thanks neccessary for my picking Litton for you -how badly did he beat Blanton ?
  10. I wasn't to bad; I don't want to start any firefights. I try not to do that anymore.
  11. Scot ,
    I hope you gave Tigerfan hell for that bullshit post he left .
  12. If Nikko ever wrestles up to his ability he'll be great -the 2 in tandem are really good . triggas does not wrestle that many meets but Gitomer wrestles a ton .
    I just wanted to help you out using the waivers to get you some extra points during the season -if Desi Green is available at 149 he;d be a good 1st semester replacement for grajales .
  13. I got Triggas at that weight too so I should be okay.
  14. Scott -Gitomer is no where near the wrestler Peterkin is but he wrestles a boat load of matches -a minimum of 10 before the Scuffle .
  15. Thanks, I'll do that.
  16. I went ahead and added Gitomer as he wrestles Anderson and Campbell or Davidson .
  17. OK Scott-
    you now have Gitomer and you might want to change your line up as he has 2 matches on the 7th .
  18. Gitomer will be fine.
  19. dam Scott -
    125 is pretty cleared out -the best left is Gitomer from Virginia -ranked 17th but has a pud schedule with a lot of matches -also-Grajales is out for the first semester according to Gopher .So check out who you want and let me know . Russ
  20. Scott,
    I am not too good with computers but I am a moderator on your league so if you want to do a waiver and pick up another 125 to make for Peterkin red shirting , just let me know who you want and if he is available I will post the waiver and everything for you . The great thing about waivers is you don't have to trade and negotiate .You will need another wrestler as you only have 14 with Peterkin gone -it does not have to be a 125 lber .Any wrestler at any weight not on a roster you let me know and I'll do all the work . You have 10 waivers so you might as well use them and keep a good solid line up-I don't know if he is available but Morrill from Edinboro is a quality 125 . Let me know who you pick and I'll take care of the rest .Russ
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