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    man I am sorry to hear that .I'm not a Religious man but i'll try to throw some positive energy her way -let the Dr.'s take care of her -YOU take care of you . Be well.
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    SG-sorry about all that craziness last week-if it makes you feel better Halsey didn't even wrestle -he and CSB's hwt had the flu so I got -0-poinys from him while Andrew did a nice job for you -that kid has amazed me since I first saw him in the 9th grade -lost in the state finals to Humphries -OSU-4-3 -only loss of his high school career-trading him was the hardest thing I've done this year -as far as fantasy goes .
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    SGallan-I am going to list Halsey in my next line up-I have worked very hard to try to get into a position to make the finals -if anyone objects to this we'll probably both get kicked out of the league if you haven't drafted Halsey by the next line -up .
    Div.1 has Howe ranked 8th this week after his showing in the Midlands -I've had several other people appraoch me about him but WE agreed to a deal so I am keeping up my end and my word .
    With the strength of Wisconsin's ream they'll wrestle 3-5 times in the National duals scoring you alot of points -both our seasons rest on your shoulders -all you HAVE to do is go to the Waivers site and announce you are dropping Jones and picking up Halsey . I do NOT want to get kicked out or penalized as I have worked very hard to put myself in a decent chance to be in the top 4 -with this deal we both can make it to the top 4 or make the alternate list . Please do not disappoint me .
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    I, myself am a Heathen ex teacher -I am more of a gnostic Christian -I don't celebrate any of the holidays as they are all just Solstices where Christians killed the Heathen/Pagans -I'd say i'm more of a believer in the Cathar Heresy than traditional Pagan beliefs .
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    Let me know what's happening before next line-up .
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    If you can'
    t figure it out just inform Zapp-usually i'd say Champkind but he's been real busy setting up his own webpage and wrestling site here in Indiana .
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    At the very top of the page there is a message thing about waivers and on last page -then type in the transaction- it's really simple and i've notified Zapp and posted it -you can do this -just keep telling your self it's just a machine -I never touched one-a computer -til I was 50.
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    Where you posted the message -go up to Sticky;Waivers and ....then click on it and when the page pops up state SGallan drops ?????? and adds Halsey .
    I had the same situation with Coughlin -I've known his family for years and his dad told me to drop him .
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    Sorry to bother you but I've done all I can do -you have to go to the waiver thing and say Sgallan blah blah-just go to fantasy league Zapp and it's at the top of the page-you'll have to drop one wrestler -I'd suggest Deberry -I almost picked him -glad I didn't I've notified Zapp of the trade and everythings a go when you do your part .Thanks again and I'm sorry I sounded like a salesman at first but I really think this will help both of us .
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    I'm going to post it and tell Zapp so it's officail as soon as you draft him -but I'll trust you to do that -I caught hell because Champkind didn't keep up with the roster changes and all types of allegations were flying -I just don't want a repeat performance of that . I'll let Zapp know-then you can quit using Deberry and the non existent Mr.Jones . Thanks.
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    I can go ahead and post it if you want but it won't be official-I just don't want you to think we're doing anything wrong or that I don't trust you -it's just the rules --
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    for this to work -you officially have to draft Halsey -since he must be on your roster -then we make the trade -I'm good to go and will post it as soon as you draft him .
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    I was wondering if you would be interested in a mutually beneficially deal-I'll give you Andrew Howe if you will draft Brandon Halsey for me -you draft Halsey and trade him to me for Howe -My 197 was Orozco who got beat out by halsey -I notice you are hurting at 165 and Howe showed his potential at the Midlands with his win over Fay . I have watched Andrew since his freshman year in high school and he is the best wrestler to come out of Indiana -he lost one match-4-3 to Humphries at 130 his freahman year then won the state 3 years straight . I used all my waivers due to redshirts and injuries .Oddly , my last one was used on Orozco after Todd went down .
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    Merry Xmas Scooter, what are you doing to celebrate the birth of Christ?
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    Imm trying ti get a decent wrestler out of Alton Lucas-ACCBOY says he will trade me but i have to see if you are willing to part with Caldwell-from the look of your lineup I don't see that hapening .
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    Ain't that the truth. The anxiety should continue to grow for another week.
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    Your goading of tight waist on themat is hilarious. I am particularly fond of his wordy responses to three or four word posts by you. Funny stuff.
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    Not a huge deal dude, I've mentioned a few times that I get a kick out of your sig so I just figured I'd bring it up again.

    Glad to see the Olympics have brought you back around here a little bit after your self imposed exile of a time.
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    User CP, go down the left nav bar to "Edit Signature"
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    I think you had the right idea with this thread. Ugly and Ban Basketball have turned it into a "you're an asshole" "No, you're an asshole" contest. Too bad, it had real promise at first.
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