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  1. SHP,

    I was checking the IU roster for 2010-2011 and they have Trevor Perry on the roster at 174 ?? Did he receive an injury 6th year ? I wrote the coaches but no responses and wrote KK and hopefully he will clear this up as I know TP is out of eligibilty.
    Later ,
    Russell Payton
  2. SHP-
    On your index you are using the wrong record for Paul Young -he is 27-6 not 26-6 -He had to wrestle his teammate in the MSU open finals and they med FFT'd-IU did not give Paul the win but I think the NCAA requires a winner ??
  3. Roughly. They forgot to run the RT clock after Lapotsky's third-period reversal, so the official number was, I believe, 3:34, but it was really more like 4:45-5:00.
  4. Thanks -am I reading this correctly -RT Lapotsky 4:45 ?? I thought 4:30 or 1/2 of the time in old matches in my day was a DQ-used to be 3,3,3 when I wrestled .
  5. No clue whatsoever.
  6. Thanks you kind sir ,
    do you have any idea as to why Earl stopped his ''pick of the week ''? I rather enjoyed that .
  7. I have no idea. However, he is not on the Columbia roster as of right now, so my uninformed guess would be no.
  8. SHP-
    Hi-was wondering if you know whether flores is wrestling next semester ?my experiment in drafting Birchler is not a total failure yet not the success I hoped it would be -although he has wrestled 6 ranked opponents and is 3-3 against them he is ranked 17th although he beat Fernandez -?? Any info would be greatly appreciated .
    I am Herbp on earl's board . Thanks .
  9. Hi,
    I appreciate your response and agree with you 100 .
    .Goldman is a nice guy yet a lot of the guys in the room seem to think he is very negative -Perhaps wrestlers of Duane's quality cannot understand losing -he will have that job as long as he doesn't rape a student or something drastic -NO one at the IU upper echelon cares about wrestling, ergo--
    We need an infusion of fresh blood -I would hire Mark Perry in a heartbeat as head coach -in-exhaustive recruiter and a recognizable name .
  10. You know, I just think Goldman has been at his position for too long to keep his program mired this low in the conference. Granted, they're a top-15 or top-20 team tournament-wise (thanks in large part to Escobedo) but, as you mentioned, they aren't able to keep things moving forward on a dual-strength basis due to not being able to bring along their lower-tier starters. I met Duane over the summer at the NWCA Convention and he seemed a pretty nice guy, but that's not supposed to keep you in your position when you aren't getting the job done. That said, Indiana has chosen a good year to be "down", because the rest of the conference (save the top three) are as well, but I'm not sure I see the Hoosiers getting into the single-digits.
  11. SHP,
    I am an IU alum and wrestled under Blubaugh--It seems like Goldman has the kids cutting way too much weight and wrestling defensively -the loss of Mena will be huge and Angel is beat up and going up a weight class -the pleasant surprise last season was the emergance of Powless -a legit 174 who wrestles 197 he went 4-4 in the big 10 -I would love to see Coughlin go out on top and kinser ,Young ,Perry and Everhart have great seasons -but with the exception of Escobedo every wrestler over the last 5 years has gotten progressively worse save Perry .
    Indiana High School wrestling is too good to have a State University be so bad .We lost humphries to OSU and Tshirt to iowa and Howe to wisconsin-he refuses or is unable to recruit from within state .
    I truly appreciate all you have done for our sport -if you ever need any research done I am available-ex English teacher and wrestling coach now disabled due to Shoulder injury . I KNOW wrestling -free researcher available .
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