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  1. Upper 30s, had snow for a day or two but it has melted also. My parents place (Exeland) is holding about an inch... helped them them track their deer so I didn't hear any complaining.
  2. I was in MKE Sunday thru tuesday and MSN the rest of the dont' know. Mari says that there was snow up here during hte week, but it has melted. I filled the tank on my bike but did not add Stabilizer yet hoping for more biking..........I think that we have a couple more weeks. How's by you?
  3. Winter setting in up by you yet?
  4. Just new stuff, Jacob. What is "Tournement"???
    HOpe that you and your dearly beloved have been having a great summer. I did wonderful motorcycle trip to Colorado and hope to have some shorter ones before the snow starts flying.


  5. Yep, his sissie is married to one of them.
  6. From Big Lake, MN?
  7. Yup, this past August. Thanks!

    When does Clum get married?
  8. Didn't realize that you;d gottne married! Congratulations; welcome to the club!

    Tom Clum is next.

    Have a terrific day.

    Tim Vocke
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