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  1. PS why is your wife looking like she's wearing a huge sombrero?
  2. Ads gone now? or not??
  3. stop.
  4. haha, I don't know? I will have to see if I did something to that while tying this new news portal theyve been working on.

    Check it out:

    Lot of work left to do (integrating rankings, videos, etc.,) but I think it will be ready this week.
  5. yup fixed. BBTW, where did private messaging go ?
  6. its fixed now, right? I noticed I must have had a script running at the wrong time.
  7. No matter forum you clicked, you ended up here.
  8. Yes, did you notice a problem or just the images scroller on the bottom?
  9. Messing around with the site again ?
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