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  1. Can you forward me the emails?

    Odds are its because you have your email address as your username. If you want to prevent it from happening, we can change your Username to rpayton and keep your password the same.

    Then when you log in, it won't display your email address.
  2. who is it? Whats the user name?
  3. Hey Schlot -how's it going -just wondering why I keep getting e-mails from some woman who claims she got my name and addy off TWT site and keeps wanting me to buy stuff -just letting you know this happened -not complaining -u may want to let some other members this lady is Trolling -later, RHP
  4. very painfully ...31/2 hours , most of it cuting away scar tissue from my previous surgery-they removed the humerous long enough to file down the ball and cap-then they placed a titanium head and a titanium wedge to serve as cartilage -i am still in an immobilizer and am pecking away here left-handed-the stitches come out wednesday and then i start pt-still chock full of pain meds -i won't 'know'' if the surgery was a total success for 4-6 weeks . this is truly my last chance -i didn't undergo such a horrific experience to stay on pain killers -if i am in agony six weeks from now i'll whole life has been an uphill fight-paranoid schizo mother-father unknown dfc put me in a ''group'' home early in my life and i have been fghting ever since -i wasn't a bad kid but my mom would go into a mental hospital at least 3 times a year so they stuck me into a place with about a 100 kimbo slices-not good if you are a young white guy ---whoa , i've rambbled on far too long -thanks for asking and for caring .
  5. How'd the surgery go?
  6. Hows it going?
  7. You can copy & paste the article or its website address into the post.

    If you haven't done this before, visit: and it will explain how to use your mouse to do it.
  8. Hety Schlottke how they hanging ?I know so very little about this machine I thouhjt I might enlist your support . Say I find an impressive article elsewhere and want to share with the board -anyway to do that without typing 28,000 words ?
  9. Thanks -I just want to tell you how much I apreciate your endeavors.
  10. The survey is not active until the season begins.
  11. IS there some conspiratorial plot to keep me from taking a survey? I follow all the instructions and I keep seeing einstein sticking his tongue out at me ''-Prick me ,doth not a middleaged white man bleed ?''-I may shoot my self and leave your name in the note -instead of ''Rosebud.Rosebud''my dyng words will be ''Schlottke.Schlottke''.
  12. The NCAA site might not count his record in Midlands or other events that were not under NCAA regulations.
  13. Schlottke -y does Div 1 wrestling differ so much from the school's site ? D1 has Kinser winning 24 matches while the IU site shows his record as 32-16 they have Fagiano winning 16 when he went22 -16 .Any thoughts ?
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