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  1. The one way around the paypal requirement would be that you give them an online certificate of appreciation and just sell a couple levels of "Appreciation Certificates". Gold = $50.00 purchase, Silver, $20, Bronze, $10... email them a certificate with a wrestler on it in whichever color for a wallpaper
  2. Jacob,

    Thank you. We're not yet a 501c non-profit and I think that gets in the way of Paypal. If I can pull this off (and I will), I'm going to become a 501c non-profit, solicit year-round and become a clearinghouse for any school or individual that wants to give tickets for any meet to a group of kids. That's my ultimate goal.

    Thanks for the offer. Tell me if you have any suggestions.
  3. Jim,

    Have you got a paypal donation link button for the Tickets for Kids? We will put it up on top of TWT for a couple weeks to see how it goes if you'd like.
  4. Jim,

    Please be sure to send over any and all information you want us to use to promote the National Tournament this year. Anything you can do to make it easier during the 'gathering' process with help us promote it to the 6,000+ daily visitors.
  5. Not sure, Ill look into it.
  6. I can't post a new thread today - what's up?
  7. That's all I needed, thanks.. I added it to the "News" link in the Text Navigation Menu next to User CP.

    Here is the direct link to your feed:
  8. I'm not sure how to do that. Remember - I'm an idiot. Here's the blogger link and the myspace link
  9. Can you send me the RSS feed for your blog (I couldnt track down the MySpace blog)
  10. Sorry that I didn't post this week's blog here. I fought it way too hard in both blogger and myspace to try a new adventure. It's a very busy Monday for me.
  11. I'll give it a try.
  12. Have you tried writing a test blog by just typing directly into the editor without copy/pasting anything into it? Just adding text and links directly to the editor.. if it messes up then, I can look into it more.

    Don't worry if it gets messed up, I can fix it for you.
  13. It's primarily that I'm a technological idiot. I've had trouble with a couple of things and haven't been able to work through them. With your help, I figured out how to do the video, but then one day only part of the blog came up and I couldn't solve the problem. Another time I was sure that I had posted it, but then it wasn't there. I'd really like to post the blog here, but I've fouled it up 3 or 4 times and that frustrates me.
  14. Hey,

    What seems to be the problem when you try posting to the blog here?

    if you want a YouTube video, just put the WHOLE URL:
  15. I fixed the ones that were in your blog this week. We are going to be focusing more and more on the blogs this summer as we release more enhancements.
  16. You should be able to do it by just posting the URL like this:
  17. I couldn't get the youtube videos to post on my blog.
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