Rutgers in the NFL

DE Ryan Neill Bills
OG Jeremy Zuttah Bucs
S Ron Girault Chiefs
DT Eric Foster Colts
LB Gary Brackett Colts
CB Nate Jones Dolphins
OT Pedro Sosa Dolphins
OG Cameron Stephenson Eagles
TE L.J. Smith Eagles
C Shaun O?Hara Giants
TE Clark Harris Lions
CB Joey Porter Packers
DT Gary Gibson Panthers
FB Brian Leonard Rams
DT J?Vonne Parker Ravens
RB Ray Rice Ravens
C Darnell Stapleton Steelers
CB Derrick Roberson Texans
  1. Jeremy Zuttah Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens
  3. DE Ryan Neill Bills
  4. C Shawn O'Hara Giants
  5. TE L J Smith Eagles
  6. LB Gary Brackett Rams
  7. RB Brian Leonard Rams
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