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  1. Foster weighs what 260? Yet the colts were making a goal line stand earlier in the year and he tossed his guy away and blew up the back for a 4 yard loss-I was so happy when they lost that druggie from Penn State -on secret probation when drafted -gets pulled over high with 2 ounces of weed in his car -why would anyone carry 2 ounces ?? Gets kicked off then resigned and a month later fails a urine test so is out of pro football-THAT -cutting Johnson---Freed up time for Foster .
  2. Nauman is a tough kid. Historically, he owns Kellen Russell so you know he can tussle with teh best of them. For Melde to keep it to one point is a positive sign. Remember, it's early Dec so he continue to improve over the season.

    As for Rutgers football, the NFL scouts are finally realizing there is a wealth of talent on the team that A) doesn't get much media attention and B) has proven to be highly successful at that level. Britt is starting to prove he was worthy of the first round. I really liked Foster, he was the team spark. Bracket, geez talk about finding diamonds in the rough. Rutgers was a relative unknown nationally when he was there.
  3. I watched the Brockport on my comp and Russo did the exact same thing against Birchler only birchler was too slow and I said to myself that would catch up to him -riding that high-He is pretty undersized and I realize he needs the torque but THAT is too dangerous . Melde has impressed me every match -he was majored by humphries but committed no serious errors -just lost to a better kid-stuck the #20 Kent State kid Sizienscjy-SP-Naumann is the best 141 I've seen this year and if he wrestled him tough I might not make a trade and just back up Melde -I gave up Ciasulli and a draft pick for Askren so I had to take that -if Melde has a serious AA shot then I am ok .
    Thank Rutgers for sending the Colts Foster and Brackett-Foster seems to always come up with a big play and Brackett is our defense . Later russ
  4. Nah didn't go, it was out in P'burg, but I talked to a couple of people that were there. Melde and Ashnault have a chance to A-A. Will need a good draw through. Ashnault surprised everyone including Conroy. He has progressed far more than any of us expected. He's got the ability to knock off some big names. Russo pulled a stupid move climbing up top to get more leverage on a half. Got hold of his head and just pulled him over the top. Russo never let go even though his shoulders hit the mat. He could easily have rolled out of it. He learned a number of lessons with that move.
  5. RYOU-
    I was hoping you were there -how'd Melde look ? Scores can be very deceptive -Ashnault GOES hard all the time -why isn't Cocozo wrestling -? BIG win for Lamar. I think Trevor can be a top 10 kid THIS year -Ashnault and Greenwald are great work out partners although Greenwald is having a less than stellar year .Can't muscle those 49's around .
  6. Immobilized the knee, crutches, the whole shibang. It was a real hatchet job, then a staph infection.
  7. RYOU,
    My first knee surgery wasn't a scope either -i still have a 4 inch scar from just a meniscus tear ,second one was a scope and I couldn't believe the difference ,I was running in 10 days -within a week I was putting in time on the Lifecycle , back on the mat in 3 weeks -most scopes you don't even get crutches when you leave the same day .Amazing .
    You can go to youtube and see the type of surgery I had on my shoulder -had a kinda morbid fascination with it for a long time -when they laser open the Joint and black blood comes spilling out my nephew passed out .
  8. Considering the Rutgers schedule, 30 should be a lock.
  9. RYOU ,
    I picked up Melde in my fantasy league as he has looked rock solid in the videos I've seen of him -the one where he lost to Jantzen and the one where he beat Conroy . I'm counting on 30 wins from him . Am I wrong ?
  10. thanks for the info-look for a kid at MSU named Harper -3x state champion and lost in the semis and ended up 4th this year -had a 3 point lead and got thrown and lost his first match in high school -did not wrestle the semi's as he was SHATTERED-150+ and 0 then lost to the kid going to CMU , March .
  11. Melde, Dave Seidenberg and Dave Greenwald are all at 141. There are incoming recruits that wrestled 135 in HS, Evan Brewer and Cullen Isenberg,, but I imagine both will redshirt the Fr season. Seidenberg is no match for Melde. Greenwald is an academic headache and may not be around. Melde will own the weight class and even if Greenwald is around, Coiach Goodale is not one tom share a position, you own it or the other guy does. Melde would be a good pick to rack up some wins considering RU's "light" schedule. If Greenwald is back, pencil him in at 149, though he could go suicidal and run at 133. That's a dead weight class for Rutgers.
  12. Will Melde definiely be at 141 this year -alone-as in not sharing the weight class ??-I was impressed with his pinning ability and over all aggressiveness . Just wondering as I am thinking of picking him up as a fantasy pick .
    Thanks .
  13. He's from upstate NY. I don't anything about him.
  14. I believe you are from the New yorkish Area and was wondering what you might tell me about Ryan LeBlanc -an IU recruit at 157-65 -I know he was JrNational champion and placed 5th in sr.s but little else -IU is pretty set there for the next few years so he must be a superstud .But with Goldman ,who knows ?
  15. Winston will move up to 165 next season. He spent two years of HS at 160 and now this year at 157. The body needs some growth allowance. Cocoza will be at 157.
  16. You have any thoughts on WHERE Cocozazo-sp- from Edinboro is going to wrestle at rutgers ? He can't make 149 anymore and he can't beat winston, IMO. Bump winston up ? Randy Wittman and I grew up together playing baseball and football together -he could throw a football 50 yards in the 8th grade -Glad to see his son playing well for you guys .
  17. The Pine Barrons is New Jersey's answer to the Ozarks, hillbillies in their own world. It's an undeveloped area primarily because it is lowlands and swampy in many areas. They take up residence back there because there are no civil controls.
  18. I've become addicted to Repairman Jack Novels -what can you tell me about the ''Pineys''-supposedly there are still places no human has ever set foot in right outside Jersey -Not talking about the Jersey Devil stuff but the 'Pines''-the Repairman Jack novels are a lot of fun .Steven King started the fan club .
  19. No stress, just like the animation in it.
  20. I have noticed you have changed your mood to stressed -the FRB was formed just so you would not see any crises of this magnitude -just because the market is hopping around like a research monkey on crack is no reason to be stressed .
    Just think of the stories you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about the stimulus plan and so on . Do you think-in , say , 50 years -people will say -what idiots -like we said back in high school about buying on speculation during the Great Depression ?
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