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  1. I don't mind losing or getting beat but I've coached football as well as wrestling and never have I seen Defensive holding on a lineman on 3rd and 9 . San Diego got 3 first downs on penalties in that last drive -But the one that hurt was defensive holding against an offensive line man ? NEVER saw that before .
  2. they're finally coming alive. musta been saving it up for the run to the playoffs
  3. How about that Colt defense ? When 98 and 93 get rolling it spells trouble .
  4. Nope -left on a cart -we are now starting hagler in his place -this is a man who let his wife beat him up then called the police on her -THAT is our new starting lmiddle linebacker repeat -the man let his wife slap him around and then called the police .
  5. Ah, don't tell me that. I'm playing with the Colts defense this weekend in my fantasy league. Hopefully, someone just kicked him in the shin.
  6. Man-Brackett is hurt -he is our defense -the captain and it's soul-calls all the allignments -the paper won't say how bad it is but sounds like he broke his Tibia-they keep saying Tibia injury -well, hell-you can fracture or break the damn thing -not much else . Luckily we are playing cinncinati then Detroit-hopefully he'll be back by then .But I doubt it cause they signed some LB from someone's practice squad .
  7. He got knocked on his ass -Foster-got back up and threw the Pittsburgh running back back 2 yards -they settled for a field goal which let Peyton get back on the field and do his thing -never heard 60,000 people get so quiet so quickly -Dungy started Foster and some Behemoth they picked up on waivers -6'6''315-#99-Mannings legacy wil never be fully appreciated because the running game has always sucked and the Colts depend so much on Peyton -even with James , the only yards he ever got were off the stretch play when everyone had to play the pass-check out what he has done in Arizona.
  8. Bracket - 58 - has been playing for the Colts for quite some time now. Yea, he's small as MLBs go but he was the starting MLB for the Super Bowl Champs. Eric Foster was one of my favorites at Rutgers. He was the key to their 10-2 season, an absolute blizzard on the D Line. He was the motivator for the defensive unit.
  9. Thanks to Rutgers for #68 for the Colts -he may have saved their season with a monster hit on a goal line stand sunday against Pittsburgh -I think his name is foster -#58 would be a great linebacker if he were 20 pounds heavier -Brackett's tough , just a little small.
  10. MLB, NBA, NFL NHL count all revenue, not just gate revenue. Congress allowed an exempion for the national sports leagues in the interest of the entertainment value.
  11. I am a fairly intelligent human being but I do not understand the anti-trust laws in baseball-would you be so kind as to break it down for me-the base math says -even with TV revenue -payroll cannot be met by fan atendance etc.-is it legal ?
  12. I was wondering if you might tell me where you found that photo of Austria ? You posted it under Where,with whom , Why-I love the Mountains -in collegeI spent part of a summer framing Condos in Breckinridge before I couldn't stand tearing up nature anymore -those condos were the ones used in that kidie porn ring busted not long ago-Seems everything I touch turns to shxx-the Sodom touch rather than Midas .
  13. I'll recheck. If true, this is threat to scare off enlistments.
  14. name's Navario, Jose Luis .-Being charged under Miltery Extraterritorial Jurisdictionary Act'' -this Act was put in place in 2000-Calley ,as I understand -or remember-was a hero amongst his troops -he did face a military tribunal-but this guy is facing the death penalty under Civilian jurisdiction -I think it sucks .
  15. Calley was a military conviction not a civil one that you are alluding to. No, I didn't find any news of this.
  16. RYou -did you ever find that Marine I was talking about ? This could set a really ugly precedent . I left his name and stuff on a post under yours on that thread -I think Calley -sp-should not have been court martialled -These kids get sent to bumfuck egypt and don't know the language or even the rules of engagement -if there were any in 'Nam-same here -you see a mutilated thing that used to be part of your platoon and -quite rightly -want to do what you were trained to do .
  17. Nice video -it worked on youtube but not on TWT -i'd tell Schlotke but he'd worry himself to death over it -thanks
  18. Don't what's up. It still works on the tube. Here's the link.
  19. Sorry to bother you but I was curious as to what was on the Isaac Hayes video -it says ''Sorry ,this video is no longer available when i try to play it .
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