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  1. How are things? I spent like 25$ and according to a few, I probably have more matches than Brock has himself. I really need to cure my ignorance of the wrestling sport tho.
  2. I enjoy em. kinda cool being top friend status.. specially since it was one of my demands. haha
  3. Looks good!
  4. He's got his own site and Myspace. You'll see me on his myspace Ryann Von Doom.
  5. What does Heath do for online promotion? (Personal blogging/site, MySpace/Facebook, fight optimization, etc?)
  6. Me too. I'm glad this was pointed out to me. I dont know everything but one UFC Heavyweight told me I'm "too into this shit." lol so take it how you want. And yeah it was heath. LOL
  7. Glad to have you over here, we've been hoping we'd start drawing more MMA people
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