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  1. Yeah, what scared me before the match has proven true. AV has studs where Brandon does who can beat them, and where Brandon is weak AV is stronger at each weight it seems. That being said, that is no excuse. AV is just better, and happens to match up well, to boot. Seeing what Brandon did to Glenbard, and Simley, this is one hell of an impressive showing by AV.
  2. Yeah, I really didn't expect it to get that ugly until I saw the C.S. results comparison
  3. Congrats to AV. Man, that team is stacked. This is getting painful to watch. There should be 0 argument about who the #1 team is this year, at least.
  4. We take the chat down on event days to focus discussion onto to forum rather than privately on the chat.

    I'm excited for the AV v. Brandon.. should be a great dual.
  5. What happened to the chat option on the bottom of the page here? Looks like no one will stop Brandon or AV except for the other. Trying to be optimistic.
  6. Will be interesting to see how that plays out. I don't think Brandon's HW is very strong. This could change HW from AV to Brandon's favor, potentially.
  7. haha, yeah, it sounds like he's out and a JV kid will be going
  8. Sounds like the AV HW went berserk at the Clash. Will that hurt if they're without him the rest of the way? Both our guys moved through easily.
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