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  1. GO LEHIGH u got me roaring into the finals Thanks!
  2. RD-
    CONGRATULATIONS on your Wild Card !!
  3. OK-yesterday sucked !! Now get ready for Freestyle and next year !! Get your young guys about 50 freestyle matches this summer to build muscle memory and mat awareness-TEACH them YOUR style of Wrestling and your program will soon take off !!
    You are doing GREAT !!
  4. Welp disappointing to say the least loses opener to eventual finalist was down 4-1 neutral late tried a feet ot back and lost 8-1 won his first consi then was winning his r12 match into the second kid chose top ran a monster power half and hurt my kids shoulder pretty bad. He continued but couldn't do anything.
  5. RD-
    How has your guy done against his first opponent ? The 32-4 guy ? Saw 46-1,45-2 and several guys with 3 losses but also a lot of guys with 4-9 losses.Hopefully your guy can make it through the opening rounds and then get an adrenaline surge !! Good Luck.
  6. Ry,
    No problem on the advice stuff-130 is a weight class in high school where there are usually 4-7 kids who have a legit shot at winning-just depends on who wrestles better that day .
    I am through with Fantasy (in this league ) as JensenS has vetoed 4-5 of my trades and no one elses-I have an outside-WAY outside chance of winning but the fun is gone when you work to build a points team and then cannot trade for studs-when you are forced to give up 3 AA's for one #1 it is tough to win.
    Good luck and it sounds like you are building a great program. NOW-get some of your former guys -YOUR guys -to come in and help with the younger kids-that way you'll never have to rebuild-just reload !!
    Take Care,
  7. Thanks Russ didn't have a chance to tell ya last week been busy our District tournament (step before state in Ohio) and I qualified 7 wrestlers all freshman but 1 senior so we will be formidable in years to come. I got one guy through, the Senior, so I was happy for him but overall disappointed I thought we'd qualify 3 but shit happens. Thanks for the advice and if you follow Thurs,Fri,Sat my kid is at 130 Chris Shultz D2 Ohio Lewistown Indian Lake I'm hoping he can sneak into the 5-8 range in placement he is in DiJulius,Fickels weight and we are no match for either of them but I think he's right there with the rest of them. Thanks again
  8. RD-
    Great pick up of Cagnina 133 LeHigh-the kid has improved all year . If you need a conference champion at 197-look at HALL from Boston-should win the CAA's-18-1-coming back from injury-also-Z is back in the HWT rankings and at 157 Kaylor has beaten everyone in the CAA-Binghamton kid who started the year at 165-
  9. RD-
    You have another 133 ? Filip will be at 149 the rest of the year-if you do NOT add Cagnia ? from LeHigh.
  10. RD-
    Kubec is probably going to lose his spot to Drucker -he came down from 141 and has been kicking ass -took third in the Scuffle-As I don't know if you have a back up rule or not you might want to reconsider -. Drucker beat Kubec 8-2 at the scuffle . One Oregon State kid every one gave up on and I have been trying to get from a Beaver fan is Sakaguchi-3x HS AA and was coached by Tirapelle at Clovis. Trip wrote me and said Sak will be a 3 x AA minimum-he stuck Kinser at the Scuffle and took 4th. If you need a 33 Penisi from West Virginia is tough and should win the EWL.
  11. RD-
    Watch matt Bonson dismantle Villalonga at the body bar-bonson stuck all 4 guys in the first ad made Villa tap out !! No shit -he started tapping on Bonson's back as he was locked down !and had had enough-he is 11-0 with only Naumann in front of him and they wrestled about 50 times in high school . Bonson was an animal at Virginia but left when Moore left -he also could not hold 33 any more-watch the video-he threw Villa around like a rag doll.
  12. I know but I think McMullen scores me more points for this one week at Midlands I looked at the MSU HWT but I feel McMullen will even beat Kuhar and be in the 5-8 range at Midlands hes a freakin stud
    41 is in the shitter for me, I will email Hinkle Arch has a shit load of talent he could be anywhere from 3rd to 0-2 at Big 10s though so scary weight there I need one of your under the radar SoCon type guy! thanks for the reply though and Merry Xmas
  13. Rd-
    Damn it man McMullen is RSing-NW starts Kusar-there is a MC somebody from MSU around #16-but the guy from NW is in RED shirt !
    Try this guy for a sleeper Sturgeon -UNC greensboro-17-7 and is getting better every week -has reversed lossese- to Marone and others already . Will Wion SOCON
  14. Hinkle told me that 141 will remain a problem-that sounds bad . Probably means Arch is not doing the right thing.E-mail him Ryan-he loves you Ohio guys .He mentions you by name a lot !!
    I wanted Arch but when Hinkle said that I had to play it safe and went with Kemerer at 141-#1 at EIWA's -I think he is available .
  15. PM me need some advice on 41 and if you've heard any Purdue rumblings around that size
  16. RD-
    Hey Roadie-you need to change your flex as Thaxton picked up Apland before you did .I gave the waiver job to KR and he is fucking it up-all the rosters are wrong and no dates are kept on the waiver logs-you know how GOLD is so please change your flex .
    Thanks .
    This is a big week point wise so if you have another 141 or flex-use them . Russ
  17. Ryan -Hinkle says hi-says you are a good Ohio boy like him -we have become kinda pen pals -i have about 20 e-mails from him and he even asked my opinion on a few things -I think THAT may have been a test .I told him the only chances he had against Minny was at 125-if Cashe stayed on his feet-133 if Ness did not wrestle and 141 if Juan could keep it close til the third -Manuel did not wrestle-I also said Brown should win -he e-mailed me on the way home and we talked about everything -I told him to watch out for the Kiefer brothers and he has been recruiting them hard he was shitty about Brown getting screwed and about how Cashe should have won and happy about 141 . He is a great guy and I am now a Purdue Loyalist -
    Check out the TRADE I just made !!!
  18. Turn your line up in !!!
  19. wish I had known that yesterday-but Melde has beaten Thome before .And Simpson .I picked up a 141 from UNC greensboro who is 19-3 and a lock for conference champion with cody gone .Lopouchanski-beat Duenas and lost a last second match to Bailey .Plus he has 20+ duals left .
  20. Mum's the word on Steele I have no idea. Thome is back though and I think he will be one of those secret AA's at 141
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