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  1. thought you'd drop Vallimont and pick up Moore -but Gold beat you to him -I am so screwed if Kinser doesn't drop down by this weekend .
  2. totally agree I'm pissed
  3. should have traded Vallimont to me when you had the chance -fucker looks dead to me -I thought he was going to win the whole thing -looks like he just doesn't care .
  4. Peeked in on the other league -and I shit you not-they -JensonS-is letting someone trade wrestlers for a week-how great would that be -we could double team everyone and put are studs in tourneys and dominate -I think he knows he fxxxed up tho-cause a boatload of people were shitty !!
  5. My biggest point getter is the backup 57 lber from ohio state because he has gotten 3rd at two opens. My champions from the same opens have scored 5-8 points less in the same damn tourney they won! How much sense does that make. In the NCAA's it'll be better to have a guy that takes 5th and loses in the first round and wins his way back than it is to have the guy that gets second
  6. At 149 and 165, I -or my wrestlers-have lost 2 matches out of 16 -and I have ZERO points from those weight classes because the tournaments they wrestled in don't count -I say if your on the frigging mat you are wrestling -just count the points as a dual -that's how I thought it was being done -so now every time a wrestler has a ''counted'' tournament he is my wrestler that week -that's why I picked up Marble -just cause Kubec doesn't wrestle in Vegas or Midlands -hell, Marble won't win the things but if he wins 4-5 matches I come out looking like Einstein and if he loses -WTF-no o0ne else I had was wrestling there .
    To be honest I was shitty when the point totals came up and it said 19 by my name -Hell,Trevor Stewart scored more than that in one day as did Mason -but what the hell -I'm not gonna start crying now .
  7. South Park guilty! Nightime Habit boy sleep 9:00 south park 10: works well also throw in some family guy and I do believe it is way too long should be Sunday thru Saturday and roster change every Monday
  8. Saw you called Shannagans -you can't be watching South Park with the little ones running around -that is why I like week to week -11/9-11/23 is 14 days -that is a long time to watch everyone else score points when you have a back-up for your injured wrestler -and what is the deal with these non scoring tournaments -the guys are wrestling -just treat it like a dual-I lost 34 points last week cuz my guys were at shit that doesn't count -seems silly to me .
  9. Welcome to my wotld -Chriswell is hurt and Howe isn't wrestling and I have to put up with it til the 23. Kinda sucks .
  10. sounds eerily similiar to what happened with Willie Wineberg in college....came in as a 26 turned into a 34 had Frank Lacone 2xAA he could beat @ 34/42 wineberg grew into a 42 midseason beat Yero Washington in Vegas finals 10-0 wanted to go up coach kept in Lacone who sadly underperformed as a senior and Willie never wrestled Big 10's
    Washington was 3rd in the nation that year
  11. One of my kids went to Purdue and damn near drank himself to death-Terrance Randolph-wrestle 119,126,119,125 then when he got to Purdue he weighed about 145 -won his wrestleoff at 142 but the coach Trujillo?-said he was on scholarship at 126 and that was where he was wrestling -he made weight once and we went up to see him -ahead 2-0 in the third and got teched -couldn't move -he was just completely done -they had to help him off the mat and his coach made him get on the bike and start riding -never wanted to knock someone out so badly in my life -the coach , not Terrance .That was 1988 .Dirt was created 12 days before me .
  12. I was recruited too and spent two years at Purdue until Campus authority thought it best that I transfer so I went to Findlay so I didn't lose a year for transferring because I spent my redshirt. wrestled two years there NAIA runner up in 99 and blew out my shoulder the next year in the semis of the Las Vegas in a nutshell
  13. You can just about feel when that guy's asshole tightens up when he knows he's going airborne-danced right into it -a flying shame when I can't give away a guy the caliber of Lucas ...where did you wrestle ? Please DO NOT say Purdue-I was gonna pick Patascil but I remember being at the state finals when Galyan hiptossed his dad and cost me $20-that was the only move Martinsville knew and Patascil-Frank ? walked right into it .
  14. wish I would've known about your 74 I would be willing to deal O'Conner
  15. some bullshit Champ sent me because I used to torture him in the practice room in college and for some reason he thinks he took me down 1 time with a lat drop....he is a dreamer
  16. Who is the guy flying in the video ?I was hoping to get in touch with you before you pulled the trigger on a 174 lber -I have 2 studs -Lucas and Brennar,coming down from 84,and was hoping we could work out a trade .
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