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  1. I realy hope you want Sentes for Dwyer -that way you finish one two in the MAC and Sentes has split with Nicholson and had Faulk beat 5-0 when he got stuck with 30 seconds left . Let me know yea or nay so I can continue my quest for a 165 .
    Thanks -or I could trade one of my 25 pounders for Sanders from Minny but that litle prick isn't going to win the big 10 .
  2. Just let me know if you want one of my 125's .
  3. Sentes for Dwyer or Vallimont .
  4. How about Stewart and Sentes for Dwyer and Mitcheff ? I just can't understand Stewart -he'll win the MAC as will Sentes but Stewart just can't break through to the next level -wwrestle him in the MAC , get those points then wrestle Vallimont and Stewart in the tourney -
  5. Why don't you just pick up Lashaway from Kent State -He got 2nd in the MAC to McLemore last year but he is wrestling great this year .
  6. Rough week at 133 last week -something is wrong with Gomez and they're just not saying anything -that DeShazer kid is the biggest 133 I've ever seen -he has what -14 pins ? Out of 18 wins THAT is impressive -the other loss he has was for a body slam -133 in the MAC is as bad as 133 in the big 10. smith from Buffalo has 20
    = wins and is ranked 5th in the MAC-I think Ness is a crybaby pussy -I'm gonna try and trade him for Bell or Baker , maybe Kennedy . As I have mentioned -I LOVES to trade .
  7. I really don't want to sound as if I am pressuring you but if by some miracle stewart beats Marable this week I may have to withdrawal this offer .So you may want to act now . We can always alter the line ups any time before Sunday ; midnight .
  8. Just because I post a line up doesn't mean it is written in stone -Sentes or Garnett are available -I'll give you Sentes for Dwyer now , leaving you Vallimont at 65 . Dwyer's next 4 matches are tougher then nails .Sentes will coast as he has beateneveeryone left on his line up-his tough match will be Nicholson but that is this week. How anyone can pin another man in 13 seconds is beyond me but that is what the scorebook says Sentes did to Bedylon .
  9. Forgot about the throw -remember his dad was world greco silver medalist -I have been watching him do that since he was 10. I thought it was illegal in Folkstyle-I remember a bunch of kids breaking their fool necks trying it .
  10. Remember -I live in Danville Indiana-they do not have snow plows or new fangled gadgetry -so we shovel and shovel and shovel ....I am outthere with one frigging arm trying to get my car out from 6 inches of Sludge -also the brakes went out and the frigging blower motor went out too-so I just wrote a bad check until my sister gets back from vacation .I'm riving down 36 around 75 mph and the master cylinder goes poof and brake fluid disappears ...this cold is killing me -that steel implant in my shoulder hurts so bad I just stay awake all the time .
  11. I am really considering the stewert sentes bendelyon dwyer trade I'll let you know by Friday. Sorry took a minute to respond busy with storm from hell yesterday but I sell snowblowers ( :
    Have you watched the video of your Indiana boy Humphrey with the best throw I have ever seen in a live college match againest Rugg? Sick!@
  12. just need to know if there is any way I can get Dwyer ? I have Adam Hall or I could give you a combo -I have 2 mean freshman 125 lbers -I would fft 125 if I get rid of one this week -talk to me man, you tell me what you want -which you have to some extent -i wish we were online at the same time just once -Porter won you a match the other day and barring fft s he'll win that little BS tourneyor quad or whatever it is of my 125 will sit as I'll probably flex Hall...let me know exactly who you want and for whom . i'd prefer keeping Garnett as he just majored Sentes -but I am a trading fool .
  13. You wanna do Stewart and Sentes for Dwyer and Bedylon ?
  14. I have Sentes and the kid who majored him Garnett -I need a top 165 .
  15. My lineup got all jacked up somehow but the guys I have are Bendelyon Mitcheff gomez thorn kyler Cathell O'conner Dwyer Vallimont Browne James Pucillo Varner Monteiro and Porter. I really need an AA @ 25 and 41 I think the rest of my weights are pretty sure fire, maybe not HWT
  16. Glad to see you got that straightened out at 49-Kissell is easier to part with then Kyler .That one guy should have been kicked out of the league after the 2nd week and a pool set up for hiw wrestlers -he has Taneli and williams at 141 -not to mention Rug at 33 .
  17. Kyler is sure gone from your roster page -and now that I look at the trade you'd say no because it is ridiculous== just check your roster because Kyler went poof .
  18. I did nothing with Kyler he is one of my 49lbers and who is in the trade
  19. 2 questions -what did you do with Kyler ? and second I was wondering if you'd be interested in a 2 player trade ?
  20. No problem
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