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  1. Hey bro what happened with Steiber at Universities? I saw him entered in at 63KG and then he wasn't on the bracket. I have exhausted my investigative abilities and now defer to the man of Buckeye wrestling for an answer.
  2. Yeah I was at the PSU dual. It was a good time--it's a shame none of the other duals remaining will be too competitive.

    It looks like they're going to give Nemec another shot at the starting job. I don't know if I would do the same based on Jameson's win over Salazar, but I'm sure Ryan has a good reason for his decision.

    I'm suddenly much more optimistic about Colt's chances at a title now that Schlatter is gone. The 6-0 beating from Reader still looms big, though.
  3. Hey man were you at the Penn State dual? Whats the deal with Pucillo? Wondering how they'll pan out at Big tens also Jameson just about caught Sanderson twice but just doesn't have the horsepower yet but he was fun to watch in that match for about 3 minutes then he looked really bad.
  4. I think you're reading my mind and ganking all the picks that I want damn ohioan
  5. Herbst and Fio for Escobedo? Herbst would definitely be a better option for your flex than James...
  6. possibly I'll get back to you on that
  7. I'm interested in trading your Vallimont. Do you see anyone I have that would be appealing?
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