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  1. September 25th in Indy. We have a hotel if you don't mind sharing with 5 or 6 guys. You can get tix at ticketmaster or Stubhub. Conflitti will be there, so he will probably have some backhanded way of getting in. Zig is organizing an after party too.
  2. Get me the info and I'll make it for sure to the fight, HAHAHAHA on your daughter children are great! Got a call from Damian today he has been in the hospital for 3 weeks in Phoenix. Got infection REAL bad in his knee from a cadaver's ligament they put in he's getting better but he's been in hell for a while so if you got his # call him.
    Later HOMO
  3. Well I jinxed myself and the two nights after that were absolutely hell! You should come to Indy for Waylon's fight September 25th. There will be a ton of Roughnecks there.
  4. 6hrs is amazing for a baby that young you lucky assmunch, Bronx slept for about 3 hr increments until he was 6months old. Check ya later dude
  5. She's sleeping pretty well for a baby. Monday night she slept for 6 hours! Its not going too badly, minus a few spitups and all the fun shitty diapers. I had one diaper that made me gag this morning, I wish these damn things came potty trained!

    The information on the tournament is here.

    It should be pretty good, have kids from 7 states signed up already.

    Tell the wife and kids hi, I love seeing the pictures of Czar and Bronx, they are getting big.

    The other day a female friend of Conflitti's emailed me on Facebook about Waylon's fight in Indy. Her first comment was, "no I did not sleep with him." I laughed my ass off.
  6. Are you zombiefied yet from devil baby who has been sent here to ruin your sleeping habits forever? I haven't talked to you for awhile and I'm not a facebooker (too many ex friends I am scared to hear from) so let me know how you're doing and send me info on this wrestling tourney I hear you pimping I will bring at least two kids.
    Hope all is well you fucking weirdo kiss the baby and for your wife, "put on some Al Green and smack her on the ass, she like that"
  7. Hey small peckerhead. We aren't having a camp this year, there is very little interest from our kids. It is really pathetic, they think they are already good enough. They will be in for a rude awakening in November. Email me the info on your camp, I may have some kids interested.

    The baby is coming along good, just patiently awaiting her to come.
  8. Hey peckerhead how's the baby coming? Doing any good with spring/summer wrestling? I've got about 4 kids working our regularly rest are pussies. When is your camp. I've got a camp June 16,17,18 Cheap local kids if you got anyone interested BTW 16th is B-day so say and extra prayer of thanks that day for sweet baby Jesus creating such a perfect specimen 32 years ago
  9. I did camps with Stutz for Chertow. Annette was an interesting female
  10. You know Stutzman at Bloomsburg is married to a Findlay alum? Remember Annette the girl that loved wrestling?
  11. One of my wrestlers is going up against Goldman's son tomorrow! My kid is a second year wrestler that was JV this year!
  12. Its easy to win when YOU NEVER MOVE YOUR BACK ROW......
    That's awesome bout Waylon and I didn't know that
  13. I beat your ass like a redheaded stepchild in the pick'ems! I almost felt bad for a minute, but NOPE!

    Did you see Waylon is on the next Ultimate Fighter?
  14. Did you wrestle your sectional tourney this weekend? How'd it go? Where is my Garrett Railroader league championship t shirt?
  15. You should only help out former teammates in fantasy league so be strong little engine and CONGRATS on the league championship it's something my team will never get due to the fact the the fuckheads from St. Paris are in our conference
  16. We won our conference tournament today by.... a half point! It was crazy. Its the third year in a row we won conference.
  17. Joe loves everything weiner
  18. You need to login at least once though.

    The site has taken off, its pretty cool to see it mentioned at meets and in the papers from across the state.
  19. I wondered how long it would take you to say something about the pincaprino name, I felt I was rather clever. Anyways that sight is great I just don't have the knowledge of IU high schoolers, kid with a funny name from indy area must be a stud carlu? Anyways I hope your making some money on it and I'll support it anyway I can just let me know.......
    Peckerhead (had to just was getting too soft)
  20. Why haven't you visited the Indiana site lately? I saw you signed up!
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