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  1. Thats a great idea for a shirt, might have to make one when we get 4 to state this year.

    I took a few kids to the wrestle-offs and they laughed every time someone called me crazy. So now they will bust out calling me crazy every once in a while.
    had to fix it I'm retarded
  3. Going
  4. I want a t-shirt that says going to state off to state 'cause i'm crazy_trained
  5. Both my kids are juniors, so they have plenty of time. Dong is gone after next year and the year after Falk will be done. The only one that is left is Lybarger.

    Perfect time for some Crazy Trained wrestlers to jump in the lineup.
  6. Roughnecks middle weights 41-65 should be set for a few years
  7. Haha, he better be nice I have two kids that would be great for the Roughnecks next year!
  8. Went to alma mater yesterday saw Nelson he told me to tell you you were a bitch
  9. Does this bring back memories?
  10. Hey Peter face! I need your address again!
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