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  1. So you want me to pick up Marone for you, and I get McElmore and Massey for Marone and Cleveland?
  2. I give you 2 individuals and you give me two-I give you Pat Mclemore and Massey for Cody Cleveland and a draft choice named Marone from VaTech-ranked 25th and fading -you get an AA and last years MAC champion and I get next to nothing .
  3. I'm willing to listen.
  4. Zapp-hear you are looking for a Hwt. ? i happen to have a small package put together that would mutually benefit both of us .
  5. Zapp-I was sure a wrestler could only go up one weight class at a tournament -how then is McSpladden wresling -also they're now saying it was a double fft at 125 so Virginia wins -STRANGE .
  6. Zapp-I traded away the last of my IU guys to ACCBOY-Kinser and Hernandez for JBB157 and Accordino 141 -Hofstra -Kurt is one of my favorite people on the planet but I hate Goldman -I hope Kinser has the sense to transfer -Coughlin was the #1 160 lber coming out of high school -he beat Becker in wrestle offs but had to cut to 149 -then he beat him the next year and had to go 165 now Coughlin can't beat anyone and Kinser can't wrestle because he won't kill himself to get to 49 -look at Coughlin's freshman year -wins over Leen and Vallimont and now he gets majored by those guys -IU ruins kids -that's why I am trading 2 starters for 2 back ups .
  7. Zapp-did you see where ACCBOY picked up Jones and wants him in his line-up?
  8. I traded Marble-133- to ACCBOY for Heinrich -174 -Virginia .
  9. Zapp-I told you or asked your permission or whatever about my trading Howe to SGallan for Halsey -he has yet to claim Halsey off waivers as he agreed to do -what should I do ? I don't want to get into trouble but the man agreed to a trade and now has done nothing -can I still use Halsey ? He said he doesn't know how to use the waiver thing -I don't know what to do -I need a 197 for next line up but don't want to screw everything up . What should I do ?
  10. I've taken care of my 157 problem but I still like to wheel and deal-we have a few days so let me beat the drums and se if I can get some critters moving -for the corpse of Todd I got the Midlands champ and traded Glasser for Hall-not bad -I've got a deal working now for a 197 lber and if it falls through i'll get back with you -ALWAYS open to negotiations .....
  11. You still looking at that trade, or nyet?
  12. If you aren't interested just let me know because I am trying to fill 2 slots in my line-up-and I'd like to keep Precin but I need to get rolling -if I do well in the Midlands and Scuffle i should be in the top 4 when I'm done -I figure I've pulled into the top 6 after last week -would have been higher if goldman would've wrestled Kinser those 3 matches and Orozco hadn't been beaten out by Halsey -they had 2 matches against Div 3 opponents .
  13. FITE duals-Escobedo-9-1 [4],15-6, [4], fall 0:59 [6]

    Hernandez -4-0 [3] 10-4 [3] fall0:25 [6]

    Coughlin won one match -he is messed up in the head
    Everhart 3-0 [3] 8-3 [3] fft
    I think these are all the scores that people need .
  14. I was thinking I'd give you Precin and Kinser for Clark mand Welch -I am tired of Golman wrestling hKinser one week then Coughlin the next -we both know you're going to wrestle Chandler at 157 come tournament time -this way it's a win/win scenario-Precin would put you over the top-he's better than Clark and he had Escobedo beat twice last year -he gets by Falck and all he's got is Nickerson or Donahoe . Neither winston nor Kinser are going to do anything against the upper echelon guys -I wouldn't even be doing this had Goldman not pulled Kinser out of the Midlands .

    If you need the FITE scores the IU site has them all-including scores .
  15. What were you thinking?
  16. I noticed you upgraded pretty well at 125 -would you be interesting in a package deal where you could get Precin from me ?
  17. Should be fixed.
  18. Zapp-my roster is so wrong -
    133 Dennis-Marble
    141 Hernandez-Mclemore
    149 -Ruschell-Jarequi
    165 -Glasser , Stewart Howe
    174 Trotman
    184 Patterson
    hwt -Massey

    That's it for now .
  19. If you agree, just post a thread.
  20. Ok buddy, I'll do that deal. Dan Dennis and Scott Glasser for Tyrel Todd and Kelly Kubec.
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