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  1. I'd love a shot at Smith or Kilgore.
  2. Talk to me -if Patterson isn't it -who would it be ?SGallan has Smith and he damn near had a stroke last trade -you saw where Bress;lar cut to 74 when Orozco went down to 84 -he-Orozco-lost to Smith but no one else out west will beat him -What about Umbrehauer ? Herkey wants to sit atound and say he's getting pissed but I offered him Dennis for Burke -thankfully he said no. I had no waivers -4 redshirts , a quitter ,and 2 injuries -look at lasst weeks points -I'd never wrestled Bonilla Bowman before -or Accordino-that kid is gonna be special next year --you tell me who you want and I'l see what I can do . Sound good ?
  3. Really, I'd love a surefire AA at 184. Maybe we can work out a three way deal for somebody, because I don't think Patterson is really what I'm looking for.
  4. Thanks Zapp-you know , this is a lot like work -I need one more piece and I'm through -you interested in anything ?
  5. Check it now....
  6. Zapp-I hate to bother you but rD149 has Wise on his roster -and I traded Marone to Arch for him -in fact =well the trade is below -as you see below I traded Orozco -my back up 184 for Roger smith bergstrum 165 and JBB 157and Marone-hwt for Saf and Wise -Wise was never on the waiver list .i traded one back up hwt and one back up 57 for one of each from Arch -I just don't want any hard feelings as everything I've done has been above board -Wise was never RD's for the taking .
    Once again all this falls under Champ's jurisdiction as he is supposed to be folowing the waiver board . Never once -and I checked -was Wise on waivers -the same as with Williams -I've been trying -or was trying -to get Rug or Williams or Tanelli from VAis but he just wants to ruin things and take up good wrestlers .
  7. Zapp-I am tired -hopefully last trade -Bonilla-Bowman for Saf-157 and Marone hwt for Wise Hwt to Arch .
  8. Zapp-everyone inundated me with trade offers -one went through in time for this week ,the other will take place next week-I traded Massey to ACCBOY for Garnett vaTech and then trades Ruschell and Clark to tigerfan for Brown and Sentes -I likes to trade -
  9. Zapp-how can Rd149 pick up Williams from ODU when Williams belongs to VA is for lovers ? Can I have Nicholson then ?
  10. Zapp-I traded Orozco for Roger the Rabbit from Illinois 165-Arch agrees to the trade . You should have jumped on Riley -he's gonna make some noise at 184 .
  11. When Halsey came back Riley dropped down to 184 -he is 16-7 and 3-0 at 84 -I was trying to get a backup 65 pounder for him-preferably Mueller from North Carolina -Smith will beat him but he can take Bresslar -he beat him last year at 97 as a freshman . If you are interested do it -or I'll take Blanc.
  12. Thanks Zapp-I hated getting rid of Kurt -I enjoyed losing Hernandez -that shows you the quality of coaching at IU -the man was an AA his sophomore year -sucked last year and this year I can't stand to watch him wrestle -DO NOT believe Kinser is injured -it is a lie-Goldman told him he was a 49 lber and to get there -Kinser told him to piss off -the coughlin family have been friends for years and they told me the IU room is in total anarchy -Coughlin AA'd as a freshman , then sucked now really sucks cause 1/2 the team hates him for wrestling after Kinser beat him out .
  13. Should be ok now.
  14. Yes , it is wrong -i've made several trades -got rid of all my IU guys and picked up Adam Hall for Glasser and Traded Halsey for Byers -mine is bad but everyone's is wrong at at least 2-3 weights -they still have Tigerfan as having Trotman .
    I know this is not your fault as Champ has been busy elsewhere -it is no big deal I am just a little superstitious about the dread IU curse .
    As you see below ACCBOY has the same problem -no big deal and as I said -not your fault CK was supposed to handle this end of the league .
  15. If I'm ever going to make a move it will be this week as I have 27 matches .
  16. What do you mean post it? Is it wrong in the lineups page?
  17. Zapp-as a favor could you post my current line up ? Please ? The IU negativity is palpable-Clark,Ness,Accordino,Cleveland,Ruschell,Jarequi,Ha ll,Bonilla-bowman,Stewart,Henrich,Patterson,Orozco,Byers,Mass ey,Marone .
  18. Hawkeye fans suck.....
  19. I hope Ness does, too. Don't tell Hawkeye fans.
  20. I posted the trade -had to be hard on you -now you know how I felt trading my Precious -Precin is just so frail looking and I've been a fan for a long time -just letting you know I know how you feel right now -I still hope Precin wins the title .
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