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  1. he said he had Bonilla Bowman and Saf and that was good enough at 57 -if you want I'll try to send him Brown back for Marone but he aid he's pretty much through but if you want I'll send him Brown .contact him if you want -I told gold I'd give him a day or two because he wreally wants Hall.
  2. What are your thoughts on my trade proposal? Also, can you clarify on the Fantasy League Zapp forum what you meant about your trade with Architeuthis?
  3. I could maybe send you Lapotsky for Hall. I need my two 165's, that is my intended flex play.
  4. My copmputer is going bye bye POS -My line up is the same except add Brown and Glasser and take away Marone -I've tried to post this twice this morning and it is just not working -I am trying to trade Hall from Boise State for a better 165 You want to move M# or Reader ? Hall is the 6th ranked 157 -I was trying to save him for Gold ...but he got mad because I wouldn't take Halsey for him -Halsey is such a flake he could just walk out of the room and go surfing -the dude's coach even told me he was uncoachable .
  5. Zapp-I traded back up 65 lbers with Tigerfan -Smith bergstrum for Glaser and the trade for Brown for Marone Arch changed his mind -So now I have one heavy -Wise and 2 149 's - S.Brown and Barnes .
  6. Zapp-I traded Byers #6-7 for Herbst #4-5 -I am losing 4-5 matches but Byers can't seem to pin anyone -I need points !!
    I have Adam Hall for trade -he is ranked 6th at 157 and is 23-3 . I need a good 65 or 49 pounder .
  7. I traded Brown and Saf -so Brown is the extra guy .If Barnes gets hurt I am screwed . But I had to make a shot at it .
    You gonna wait on your 184 for awhile ? Craig is up to 9-10 depending on the poll and he's beaten Um already .
  8. I traded SAF-#16 and Brown #8 for Poeta #4 and Marone-hwt UR.
  9. Zapp-are you saying you are using Reader as your flex instead of Lapotsky ? I mean you obviously know more than I about this stuff but 165 is wide open -save for the top 3 and the big guys get upset more than the little guys -you are a grown man and no one should tell you what to do and I will not -yet Todd could go down more quickly than M*. especially at 90%.
  10. I'd keep Craig -he's lost a few matches he should have won but he has beaten UM , Honeycutt ,and Biondo-and with his talent he is the only one who could conceivably give Herbert a match -that's a stretch tho--I just looked at everyone available and their records -if he keeps his head together he's an AA candidate -you'll waste a pick iof you get Blanton -he's a freshman so their is the choke factor and he will finish 3rd in the big 10 at best , very best -so he'll get a shit seed . Maybe draw The BEAST first round-if you are going to pick someone -pick up Kerber from Cornell-he and Craig will finish 1,2 in the conference and if he gets a decent seed he can make some noise in the tourney -if I were in the top 6 instead of fighting for my life down here at #8 I'd do it in a heartbeat for you -buit Craig has 5 matches left -5-I need points -wait a few weeks .
  11. I need to hold on to Reader for NCAA purposes, as my flex option. I might pik up Blanton.
  12. Zapp-why not keep Craig ? 184 is going to be won by Herbert -everyone else is looking at being first loser -that is what I call second place . We might be able to package something up with Reader and Craig -let me check the schedules -Why not go after Dolly ? He's going to win that lame ass conference Ban's always talking about and I've watched the kid wrestle since high school -he's from Indiana -if he gets seeded right he could AA for you and wouldn't cost you much .
  13. No worries, bro, I'll pick someone up.
  14. We have the same line up practically-I don't know how the end of the season thing plays out -how many guys do we get to wrestle and what if I want to wrestle one guy in his conference final then another in the NCAA's-?Obviously you have some better wrestlers than I do but why take -i.e.-Borschell from Iowa when I have Henrich from Virginia -I'm pretty sure Henrich is going to win out plus win his conference -where as B has to fight through the big 10 and I don't think he can beat Luke so I'd be losing those bonus points . The big 10 has Luke ,Borschell,Dergo,Wright , and Rella -leaving off the IU kid who if he catches B in a headlock it's over . Same with Palmer -can my guys beat him -no but they can win their tournaments and can Palmer beat Metcalf ? No.Plus he has to wrestle Bubba ,Ruschell,Ptax,and Metcalf .Even at 25 my precious is going to struggle -Angel's healing .Faulk is healing and Sanders is far better than I thought he'd be .
  15. It's not offensive at all, buddy. Look at my roster and give me an idea of what I'm looking at.
  16. Zapp-I mean no offense but you'd have to make a hell of an offer for me to come up off Patterson -he is my leading point getter and has 14 matches left .
    Champ won't come off anyone -I tried to get Lewnes or Ptax and he said no-laughed at the Kilgore deal -untouchable -you might make a run for Pucillo -I'll holler at RD and see what he says -he is weak at 49 with Kyler only wrestling 4-5 more matches ...
  17. I don't know. I may have to take Patterson....
  18. Have you decided what to do about 184 ? I can make another run at champ.
  19. Zapp-I traded Jarequi 149 to Accboy for Heinrich Barnes 149 Oregon state .
  20. Zapp-Champ won't come off Kilgore and SGallan won't answer me -Patterson is my leading point getter -maybe I could work something out for Umbehauer or Honeycutt -Herkey is adamant about keeping Keddy -I am working but spinning my wheels here -Craig is such a gamble -Herbert will win that class so the rest is dumb luck on seeds -I'd hat to be the 84 lber who drew Patterson or Um or Honeycutt -you have some waivers left so why not just go after that freshman from Illinois -he's the third ranked or 4th -but Biondo and he could both AA after finishing 3rd or 4th in the big 10-Biondo has beaten Jones from Nebraska -also that kid from Wyoming is available but he is an overrated pussy . He hasn't beaten anyone and got lit up by the tough kids he has wrestled . Why isn't Craig at 74 where he belongs ?
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