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  1. How about this -a package deal-I'll send you the coveted carcass of Todd along with Kelly Kubec for Dennis and Glasser .
  2. I'd be looking at getting the carcass of Tyrel Todd.
  3. For what ? Or whom ?
  4. I could send you Dan Dennis.
  5. I have some feelers out - Also-what would it take to get one of your 133 lbers -I have Mclemore and Hernandez and Howe and Stewart so I am set there -I am working on shoring up some weak spots . My 84 pounder -I only have one -has killed your guy twice now .
  6. Yeah, buddy. I'm serious. What do you think?
  7. I'll seriously give it some thought -if you are serious . I have Mc lemore and Hernandez but I am always open to trades -I just wish I hadn't had all those guys redshirt and quit and then I knew I was snakebit when Baxter's coach moved him up to 157 for the good of the team -he is 0-4 since then Baxter won 38 matches last year and was 4-1 when his coach bumped him -why do you think I'm doing all this trading -I can't believe I have over 200 points .
  8. Really? I was thinking about seeing if I could offer you Cody Cleveland 141 UTC and Scott Glasser 165 Minnesota for the carcass of Tyrel Todd.
  9. I am trading Brenner -174 WVA to Gold for Mcelmore 141 Northern Illinois .
  10. I couldn't find the resource thread -loked on CMU and it's not listed but neither was the MSU open so I figured they only listed duals -WRONG.
  11. There's a Fantasy Resource thread on the Zapp League Forum. I recommend checking the school's official websites, which that thread has collected all the links.
  12. Do you know of a site that has accurate schedules ? I wrestled Stewart because Div 1 said they were at PSopen and they are not -otherwise I would have wrestled howe -this blows -I was counting on at least 15 points from stewart today -can I sue Div 1 ?
  13. Post it on the board, my man.
  14. I have a trade to announce -Rp gives GOLD Umbrehauer 184 Rider for Kyle Ruschell 149-Wisconsin .
  15. One of them, Welch, has a skin infection.
  16. Is your 157 lber hurt ? he FFt'ed yesterday against Stanford and UCDavis .
  17. No problem-just wondering .Thanks.
  18. No. Your lineup is set when the first day hits.
  19. what about the injury ? Do I have to wait on that as well ?
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