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  1. Not sure what all that means as far as the rounds, but I guess it's nice to know my Terps are finally noticed! Been a loooooonnnnnnggggg time coming.
  2. I'd wait a week or so if I were you................
  3. Krom, Taylor and Peltier also didn't wrestle at Buffalo. They all plan on wrestling. Guess we'll see at the first duals this coming Saturday! Though Kyle John did do a nice job this past weekend.
  4. Midlands, National Duals, Northeast Duals (Lehigh, Central Mich, Northern Colorado), Body Bar tourney, Cornell, Kent State, Purdue, Hofstra, Navy, American, our ACC schedule.

    We won't go undefeated, if that's what you mean. But we wrestled perhaps a tougher schedule last year (had Iowa, Missouri, Lehigh, Nebraska, Okla, Edinboro), finished 10-8-1 in duals; but won the ACC and finished 10th at NCAAs.

    We have a better, more balanced team, this year. This year's team will be the best team that the University of Maryland has EVER had. Assuming we avoid injuries, etc.,

    I think we can do some damage at the National Duals. Don't know who we will meet there, I don't see anyone else on our schedule we're not capable of beating in a dual.

    And I think a trophy finish at NCAAs. We will have perhaps 8 guys on the mat who have legitimate chances to AA, and 3 or 4 of those who are capable of reaching the NCAA finals.
  5. I'm hardly unbiased. Letts and Henrich had close matches last year, with Letts winning the ACC over him. I found it interesting that Henrich barely beat Peltier in our dual. I'd go with Letts, he could be the NCAA champ next year.
  6. I think top 10 may b a bt too high, but I can see top15ish. Letts wanted to rs and deserved the chance. He's young age wise so an extra yearto mature could put him at the top next year. Keep an eye on our Asper kid next year, he could do very well.
  7. Letts will be a two time all american. He'll be fine.
  8. Thanks. It's part of the business. I doubt there will be any huge exit of wrestlers. A kid getting a full ride to Maryland is unlikely to ditch that to pay somewhere else. Sure a kid or two may transfer but we're an attractive coaching job now after what Pat had built.

    It's personally sad for me because I'm the one that called Pat 5 years ago and sold him on applying (again) for the Maryland job.

    Steve Hayleck
    Past President and Wrestling Representative
    University of Maryland M Club
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