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  1. Yeah, the doc and therapist stated majority of the people who have to come back are the ones who do too much too early. They told me 4-8 weeks before I will feel better, but I should wait another 4 weeks before I really try to lift anything heavy or any other kind of strenuous activity. I'm just getting back to walking a little down the block, but still have some numbness in my foot so I limp a little, plus I still get a little inflammation in my back and a little cramping in my calf.

    Therapist says lots of walking on our school track is best for the first few months. Probably won't get to step on the mat again until spring and maybe not til the summer. I really don't want to go through that again because I've never felt pain that bad before when it pinches the sciatic. Not afraid to admit it had me in tears.

    Anyways, good luck with your recovery man. I start school on tues so we'll see how I go.
  2. Take it REAL EASY for a long time -my brothr in law just had a discotomy-where they actually remove the disc from your back and he felt great and was up running around and voila-needs another surgery -I am not one to talk-they tried to rebuild my shoulder 4 years ago and it came totally apart so I am snailing it this time . Good luck and e-mail me or PM me cause i am home so much that I think am going crazy .
  3. I had two herniated discs that needed worked on. Caused pressure to my sciatic nerver that made me have a lot of numbness in my left foot and part of my leg. The numbness is almost gone and eventually should completely go away, according to the doctor. It was a day surgery, stayed over night for recovery and have slowly been getting better everyday.
  4. Did you post you just had surgery ? Tell me about it and we can commiserate while re-habing . I just underwent THE COPELAND RESURFACING HEMI-ARTHROPLASTY-you can watch a similar surgery on youtube -it's gross as hell though.
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