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  1. W-
    I can't fault you for that -I told/asked Grips if he would wait as he has no 165 and I don't want to give him Kerber for patrovich if we can't make a deal. Kerber and Young's schedule mesh together so well I have maybe one wek all year when one of them isn't wrestling . Young won MSU yesterday beating the MSU and Michican varsity guys 8-1 and 7-0-scored me 23 points plus has a match against Wabash Tuesday .
  2. Russ I am waiting to hear back from Coach Childs on whether Mytych is staying at 133 or not.
  3. Sorry Russ I was out of town all weekend. I will look at it this morning and let you know.
  4. Wiltz -I have a few guys on hold -what are you thinking at 65 ? I need to find a 97.
    Trotman won MSU for you.
  5. Wiltz -
    Porter just got pounded at Brockport 11-0 and i don't see Onufer doing much at 65 -shoulda steyed at 74 -much weaker weight class -I am interested in King so let me know your best offer and see if I can match it . You really do need a 125 .
  6. Wiltz -
    I am truly interested in King but not enough to give up Esco-125 cleared out quickly and it will be hard to find one -I could pssibly give up Esco but would need a 25 to get me through until Esco starts wrestling all the matches -Banano is as good as you'll find this late -look over my line up and see what you think-Kerber/Young is a great combo as their schedule balances out really well. I 'll give you both if you want but then you'd have 700 165's . I think the best I could do would be the Banano/Kerber/o'Conner for King/JBB/and Casperson /Drury. Young (if he ever makes weight ) is 4th in his conference . So you would improve greatly at 125 and improve at 157 and go down 8-9 notches at 65 .We have at least a week so take your time and weigh your options .Russ
  7. I can sweeten the deal a bit if you want -this would require a bigger trade but I could send you O'conner ,Kerber and Banano for King ,JBB and Drury ? I am flexible .Hofstra has 19 duals and 3 tournaments .
  8. Let me think about that Russ. I will look at their schedules and get back to you.
  9. Wiltz -
    I have 2 165 's #10 and 14 -Kerber and Young -since you do not have a legit 125 I could offer you #10 Banano and Kerber for King and a throw in .
  10. Never mind -I found the results -he pinned a kid from ?? @133 though. Do you have a 125 ?
  11. Hey-Do you have any idea why Mytch wrestled 133 against Maryland ? Did he wrestle 33 all day ?
    Earl's site has the coverage of just the Maryland /Drexel and the other Maryland matches onthe message board .Drexel had no chance of winning so why move him up?
  12. Wiltz -
    I do not mean to tell you what to do but with that unranked guy beating a ranked guy thing you may want to at lleast flex Trotman in the Journetman and maybe the MSU-he was OW of the Journeyman last year as he beat 2-3 ranked guys -Riccio ,Caruso and giffen .
    Trotman should score you a boatloads of points -just after I picked up Askren I needed a back up 184 -he made it to the NCAA's as a freshman at 184 and then was 12-2 at 174 last year before he got hurt .Russ
  13. Be nice Russ!
  14. Are you guys still in the 5th round ?? 1/3 of the way through ? As in 33% of the way complete ?? Cut your losses and make a run for it .
  15. Wiltz -if they aren't done by Sunday night I could help you assign them a team and they could hammer it out between them through trades -at least you would not have to sit at your comp 12 hours a day .
  16. The first thing I learned as a teacher was to crack the whip hard at first -you can always ease off later , but once you've lost control it stays lost . Put a TIMER on them and start skipping them .They will shape up or not -either way you win .
  17. F' a duck man. I'm about to lose my mind
  18. Wiltz -you are a better man than me -that draft is TURTLE . Good luck and thanks .Russ
  19. Wiltz -check my roster and see if I have anyone you 'd take for Geisen -within reason . LoSt offered me manuel and Caputo for Lee and Bradshaw -I don't want to trade away my only 84 w/out a decent one to replace him until Caputo comes back .
  20. Did you say RESEARCH ? I was an English major long before the advent of PC's -I can track down the most obscure of facts . What I am saying is (i am NOT volunteering)-if you need a little help I'll be available . I have a pretty good mind and KNOW wrestling -so if you need a little help -I am yours to command .Russ
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