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  1. Wiltz -last time I bother you-pick up Paul Young instead of Vernon and add Melde/drop Sulzer . Thanx.
  2. Grumpy before that fifth cup of mud , eh ???
  3. before they start
  4. When are line ups due for Scuffle and Midlands ??
  5. I will sticky it.
  6. You guys have a Roster page ??
  7. I warned ISU-now he threw away both guys from that Bullshit trade where he gave up Burroughs and Borschell and picked up Fittery and Yates -still has no hwt and no legit 184 .
  8. you got rid of 2 duds and picked up 2 conference champions -if Trotman comes back healthy you'll score a boatload of points from him -W Va's schedule blows chunks every year -I trade Brennar and Jarequi last year .
  9. Wiltz -
    I have Craig up for trade since Geisen Lost fairly soundly yesterday to LeBlanc // 8-1 // Let me know if interested .
  10. Wiltz -
    I have a pick in the last round -the last pick actually , and will use it -just don't want to say who on a public forum -sniping SOB's over here .
  11. I tried to erase that dunce cap but am a moron when it comes to computer stuff.
  12. Wiltz -thanx for getting back to me so quickly and especially letting me know about Erekson -every hwt I want will be gone but so what ?? Birchler is 15-4 and has beaten Fernandez and 6 other ranked guys . You sure you don't want Craig ? For your kindness I'll trade him for Giesen . After the Midlands he should win 90% of his matches . If you want him let me know .Thanks again ,russ
  13. Wiltz-
    If you need decker just send me a body and he is yours .With Trotman hurt you are down to 0 174's .
  14. Wiltz -
    Would you take Craig and Decker for Giesen .? Or Craig and Thomuseitt ? I need a stop gap-
    until the supplemental draft -I could send him back in 3 weeks or you get an 11 and 17 for a 12 .If it has to balance out send me Porter ?or whoever .
  15. LoSt is saying he won't trade Brown unless he gets equal value -thus Burroughs < than Brown ?? Bullshit con man trade .
  16. Well I can't believe ISU agreed to the trade. Lost must have slipped him a Mickey or something.
  17. Suspect my ass -it is BS-I told loSt that and placed him on my ignore list -I will be 52 next week-I do NOT need his aggravation .
  18. That trade is pretty suspect to me.
  19. What do you think of the TRADE ? Will JensennS veto it -I hope so or we are all playing for second and L will remind us daily -as a commish would you allow a #1 for a #17 or A#3 for a UR ?
  20. ISU just confirmed the offer -I asked why he would trade #3 141 for #17 and #6 174 for UR 149? and fisk for a 174 who mgot beat out and s now at 184 -told him not to bother answering as was his team and he was a grown man -he said the offer was for Scott and seemed surprised when i informed him Scott left school a month ago -i told goph this would happen when he traded Miller -oh well . I'll go down fighting .
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