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  1. Tim,
    Morrison finished the year 29-7 and 3rd at CAA's-
  2. Tim,
    Thank you for making this season tolerable-as to Homerindim I have NO CLUE . Morrison placed 3rd -lost 6-8 to Hunter Meys-Austin's brother. Was up 6-3 and got headlocked in the third.
    I posted on TOM that there was no way Schmit would be 100 % after his appendectomy and someone named Grimm blew me a bunch of crap over it. Missing practice is bad enough but it takes time to build your strength up and to heal.
    Take Care,
  3. Well, it was a fun season, Russ. thanks for the advice.
    My conference meet kind of sucked though; I figure I lost about 40 points with guys not making there seed: Morrison, Rutt, Yohn, and Scthmit. Bug and Powless exceeded theres. G'luck in the finals.

    Hey, BTW, who is 'homerdindon"???

  4. BTW, Brett favre is glenn Handrick from Minoqua. Had no idea that he had any connection to the Howe family.
  5. Tim,
    Personally, I'd use Steinhaus as he has the better chance to put up Bonus points . Has BUG EVER put up bonus ? Also , HWT. is a much tougher weight class in the big 10. Out of the 11 wrestlers-8 are in the top 20---4 in the top 10.
    Also, you are looking at RANKINGS-not seeds-I think Steinhaus and Rutt are #1 and #3-so they both have a chance to be finalists.
    The Big 5 has #5,#10 and #11 and #16 and UR Rosholt-IF you use Z and he loses to Simonson from ISU in the first round he will score you (at most)-6-points-that is a chance you might have to take -I'd wrestle BUG and Stein as my flex.
  6. Russ: Both Bug and Steinhaus are ranked #4 in teh Big 10. Assuming that Z is wrestling, should i use Bug or Steinhaus as my flex?
  7. Thanks, Russ. Let me check to see how his understudy did to see how he is likely to do in the Big 5 meet.
  8. Tim,
    Intermat has Z ranked #8 this week-first time in 3 months.
  9. Tim,
    Matt wrestles Purdue this week and Ill. tonight.You may want to adjust your line up.
  10. Tim,
    If you go to Rutger's home page they have a huge photo of Coco as he won EIWA wrestler of the week !! The American match will be shown live and you can watch Coco try and upset Fittery.
  11. I'm good with JOrdan, Russ. Think of his linage.........father is 2 AA at Sconny and wrestling coach and Uncle is 2 NCAA champ at Sconny and U.S. congressman. He'll get it together.
  12. Tim ,
    Your latest trade leaves you with #19 Jordan at 74-If you want I can send you #10 Swartz for Steinhaus. ALL of Swartz' losses are to top 10 guys.He has beaten Manuel,Patrovich and Blanton and lost to Reader 2x,Covington 2x and AMU 2x and Blanton once. He has a great shot to AA. Placed 5th at Vegas and no one had ever heard of him.
  13. thanks, Russ. I''l give it a shot.
  14. Tim,
    Wiltz is ffting 184-so I offered him #8 Kissel and #11 Biondo for #10Haynes and #16 Deutsch-to get you a 57-he said no. I cannot make a more fair offer. Maybe you could offer him Steinhaus for #11 Welch from Northwestern.
    I cannot make any trades. Have tried and tried.
    You have Rutt so Steinhaus is a luxury and you could get a 157 who might go deep into tournament. I apologize but no one will trade with me.
  15. Tim,
    Brett Favre is Glen ??I think-I met him once and he is close to Andrew's dad. If he says Andrew's dad says it was torn off the bone-I believe him. I am still awaiting confirmation -I am herbp on all boards-Russell Herbert Payton-and on all the blogs I work. I do NOT care if some hacker steals my ID as I have nothing.
    I am in shock -AH is as great a kid as you'll ever meet. Lives ''way up north'' like you-I believe Cedar Lake is also where Santa Claus land is located. A small town in Northern Indiana.I actually prayed for AH last night-and I stoped believing in a caring god when I was thrown into DFC as a kid just because my mom was a paranoid schizo-send a prayer out for Andrew..russ
  16. but Tim,Kurt is so handsome and polite . Remember last years ''Thank You Sir'' post match interview ?? Schmitt is out at least 3 weeks plus -I am taking Accordino off your hands. Look at Orozco then-19-6 and will beat Giesen for Pac 10's....
  17. Bionda was my next choice after Powless......However........he has really not done very well this year. I'll get back Schmitt pretty Problem........and I aint giving anyone Powless or Graff!!!
  18. Tim,
    Since your 149 is out--how about Kinser and Biondo for Accordino and Powless ??
    ") Biondo is from up NORTH and Kinser is your favorite.
  19. Tim,
    You are a grown ass man and yet you are ffting a weight class ? Please !! I know you do this predominately for fun yet you have 2 top 10 back ups sitting there !!
    Rutt and Steinhaus keep as they are NORDIC-Onufer is from WYOMING and over ranked #5-ask Dart-or someone to trade you a 157 for him-IF you are Denying me Powless I'll make you trade !!
    Believe me when I say you have a STRONG team -I'll trade you all my guys for all your guys if you want..
    YOU are one confeence camp from getting a WC-either trade Onufer for Erisman or to Grips for Salimen-who will win the WWC and little else. BUT that is all you'd need from him. I feel responsible as I traded you Onufer and then the sissy went back up to 65 .
    send DART Onufer for Erisman or Peppleman .
    Please ? Russ
  20. Tim,
    The judge who released me from house Arrest apologized to me when he let me out of prison. He sent me home and the CC officer had me arrested. Went to prison THAT night with NO abstract of judgement and no verdict-only a termination of HA in a positive manor.
    Since I have the use of one arm I tell every policeman (when they pull me over) to call for back up or kill me and I mean exactly THAT. 97 days in Supermax for NOTHING.Judge Young was the only person to apologize.
    I cannot even do volunteer work so I think they ( the corrupt ones)police. Should thank me for NOT going on a tri state shooting spree. But I won't . No sense another innocent getting hurt.
    But I could care less if I die in my sleep tonight.
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