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  1. Tim,
    TECHFALL 's site has updates -Onufer has won 3 -Powless (the GUY you stole from me ) beat #5 Haynes today and is 18-1
  2. Tim,
    Glad to hear from you-I was afraid I was going to have to pick for you-so -who is it gonna be -Steinhaus or Nelson ??
  3. hello again -forgot to tell you Minny dropped one of the cal matches -so they only wrestle twice .
  4. Tim ,
    Hate to bother you but Accordino has a match against a pud from Maryland this week-he might make a better flex than Onufer . Just something to think about .
  5. Yup.......too many rules form my peasized brain, so I just ask. But after waiting for a while, Iwent to the "rules" thread and found it all by my lonesome!
  6. tim,

    You know I was just kidding about being upset over you asking JensenS about the 5-10 bonus point rule , don't you ? You had to clarify it with the head honcho-that is just the legal training coming to the forefront !!
    12/11 Maryland,29 Scuffle,1/8 UNC,1/15 CAA duals (4 matches) .1/22-NYSC does not count ,1/26 Army,1/30 Penn/Drexel/ 2/6 Cornell 2/9 Lock Haven,2/12 harvard ,2/16 Rider,2/19 Princeton-then CAA conferences -Hofstra;s schedule.
  7. Wrestlers who win the Vegas, Reno, Midlands, and Scuffle tournaments will get a ten point bonus added to those scores for the week. Wrestlers who finish second in those tournament will get five bonus points.
    You broke my heart Tim -why would you doubt me -this is from the fantasy rules .
  8. Tim,
    You get a 5 point bonus for second place at CK -10 for first .Scuffle/Midlands and maybe Reno are the ''bonus'' tournaments.
    Where you have Graff scoring 16 ad +5 to that .
  9. Tim,
    CONGRATS -you must have had a MONSTER week !! Powless and BUG scored a ton in wrestle backs as did Schmitt and Rutt takes second -bet you break 200 points !! GREAT !
  10. Tim,
    The only person to beat Accordino was schmitt -I think-got lost in so many matches I fell asleep for hours .
    You have the 7th and 8th place guys @ Vegas . I tried to send you Hofstra's schedule but it had too many characters and would not go through .
  11. foot is still attached -Justin will be first or second in the CAA -I hope he wins his first match today .I'll wait until AFTER the tourney as I jinxed myself last time -posted Glasser for Kinser and he fell apart Glasser that is -if he is healthy (Glasser ) i am sure I could get Snackem to trade with you .
    P.S.-my sister actually invited me out for dinner as her husbands birthday and mine are close -mine the 10th and his the 12th of December !! Have not been out to eat in 5 years at least .
  12. Hi Russ, Powless is doing good 'cause he's got the nicest, coolest, bestest wrestling coach of all time.......OF ALL TIME!!!
    Sure, we can trade Ward for Accardo.
    Let the boss know, will ya?

    How's your foot?

  13. TLV,
    Why did you steal My MATT Powless from me ?? He has to be your leading scorer 13-0 and in semis of CK....beating Riley was a big deal as Orozco had beaten Matt every time they'd wrestled before -sine you won't let me have Matt let me know who you want for the choke artist known as WARD..
    Really , tho-I am going to have to drop probably Accordino if you need a back up 149.....he and Schmitt would make a formidable pair.
  14. your 165 is Justin Kerber
  15. Tim ,
    Congratulations on that trade -I tried hard to pop your cherry but couldn't do it -you got WAY better at 157 and Kerber is #2 in the EIWA -great trade .russ
  16. You may want to check but I don't think Reader has ever beaten Marable -Young battled his way back and beat Chris Brown and pinned #17 Burak and lost to King 4-0-so Young is 22-3 with 11 falls -that'll have to do .
  17. YEAH, I'm satisfied withit...........more than satisfied actually. I didnt expect dergo to do anywhere near that well. If I can move up into the middle third, I'll be happy. First year, I think that I was bottom three.......last year, 9th or 10th. Nice going yourself, Russ. You really moved out ahead.
    Nope, won't be given up Reader.....he's my best chance at a conference champ I think and he will AA in the higher half again although, I dont' think that he'll beat the Mongoose or Howe; King, he'll beat I think.

    Happy New Year,

  18. As per your comments on Scotten -He went unbeaten at the scuffle and Beat Kinser in the finals in 4 Ot's.
  19. Great week tim !!! Russ
  20. Tim,
    You are cool at 97 as Brandvold beat Hudson Taylor and is wrestling for 3rd !!! Congrats !!
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