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  1. PT,
    PY may not wrestle as he tweeked his knee Saturday. Well, the other kid tweeked it for him. PY could beat Ortiz or Grywhatever on one leg but Y risk it ?
  2. Have you ever heard of a Judge with a Heart?
    Some of my cop friends wrote me after my MIs 18 months ago, and said that they thought it was a medical impossibilty for an Atty to have a heart.

    He'll get Nord and major him. Yohn is going recover for a couple of weeks. He was winning his match at teh SS and tweaked his knee and med forfeited adn defaulted out of the SS
  3. PT-
    Matt says it is good to know you and thanks you for the positive feed back-well,he thanked me for the feed back-he said it sux you won't trade him to me . How cold hearted are you ? You are breaking the poor kid's heart.He wants to wrestle for the PUDS.
    Did you see SHP's rankings ? Kinser #4 ? Kurt,Paul and Matt are 3 kids any man would be honored to call sons. We raise them right in Hoosierland. I am the aberrant exception .
  4. PT-
    Thinking of offering Matt my next SS check to skip Minny match .
  5. Matthew D PowlessJanuary 10, 2011 at 10:56pm
    we're still not sure about paul, it's his call i guess... and i miss those freshman days in mcnutt as well. Never had one bad day when i was there. Best of luck with ur coaching this season. O and the women - i do what I can in the summer, but in season we're pretty secluded from em, it's cool, makes the off-season that much better haha
    Matt takes time during the season to write and chat with a useless old man-great kid.I hate you.
  6. PT,
    Matt only had a major against GW as Porter stalled the whole match.
  7. I"m figureing that Smith will give both Erisman and White a chance at teh NDs. Hoping to get a couple of matches at least.
  8. Tim,
    The NAT duals are DUALS-not a tournament-so unless someone has Erisman you will get all points at 157- White will split matches regardless.
  9. Well of course you have a target on your are so far ahead that that is all anyone can see!
  10. TIM,
    I am screwed as my 157 (Lister) went up to 165 and my other one is getting ready to drop to 149-(Lester)I had planned on using Nelson-Lester's back up-but the moment Lester takes the mat at 149-I lose that option-guys are asking for Oliver or Burroughs for #19-25 157's .
    I have done NOTHING illegal or wrong and think I am a pretty nice guy-but seem to have a target on my back. I have #11 174,//#14 197//#12 and #14 141 to trade and #20 165-but nope-Burroughs or Oliver. MOJO said in a week he'd consider trading #12 157 for #11 174 but that is my only hope.
    Maybe I am a prick and just don't realize it ,yet.
  11. Well, maybe Smith will let both White and Erisman wrestle at teh Nat. Duals to see who does better. Ok, i'll do it
  12. Thanks, Russ. I thought of that, but then I have NO 157 pounder. Dietchler is finished as you ponited out and now Erisman has replace I'd get no points at all that weight and I'd lose Jordan's points as well. I'm kind of screwed I guess.
  13. Tim,
    You might want to change Onufer to your flex as who knows what weight he is wrestling now-he certified at 157 and has then gone back up-if you flex him you are guaranteed his points .
    Lister just moved to 165 on me now I have a POS 157. !! DT is scaring everyone up.
  14. Russ:
    You are a bad, BAD man!!
  15. Tim,
    Tomorrow I am posting this trade -Rpayton sends #3 AMU 174 to TLV for #10 Ed Ruth. -please play along.
  16. Tim,
    SHP just e-mailed me from the SS and apparently both Hofstra's injuries are career threatening -Accordino and Patrovich . Blew out the same knee as last year.
  17. OK-
    I just hate to see JROB pull the same stunt he did last year and notify the Minny fans he knew all along JD was not wrestling .
    Merry Cristmas to you and yours .
  18. Hi Russ,
    Because the official reason that JD is not wrestling is that as part of the NCAA sanction, he has to sit out first semester. officially, he's to be back in time for the National Duals. Yes, there is also a rumor that he's got a concussion problem, but that all it is, a rumor. So, although he's done nothing for me so far(White has filled in admirably), the downside of dropping him is too great.
    Just playing poker, Russ,

    Merry Christmas.

  19. Tim,
    Pardom my ignorance but may I ask why you did not drop JakeD and pick up a live wrestler ?
  20. Geez, you read me like a book with extra large printing, Russ!
    Steinhaus and THEN Nelson.


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