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  1. I don't doubt that at all. There are plent of flakes to go around.
  2. I misspelled the groups name -Chabad LubavitChers-there are plenty of sites about them and they are a scarey group as they believe they must destroy the temple wall for the 3rd time to welcome in the Messiah .
  3. In the words of Mark Twain-''Never had so many assholes been convinced of their correctness''. And so willing to share their view as long as you do not oppose theirs .
  4. "I received about 10 red dots" LOL! I thought I was the only one who ever got slammed like that. Thanks! I needed that.

    It's a difficult time and the polarixation reminds me of the country during the Civil War. I'm not ready to abandon ship but we are going to have to come together on some things and stop attackign each other constantly.
  5. I received about 10 red dots and told the forum to F-off then Schlottke e-mailed me and asked me back -I can't stand the Hypocrisy that goes on with all this PC nonsense -that MARINE is screwed as far as I can see -they are trying him under some BS act the liberals snuck in -I used to be so PROUD to be an American-now I am not so sure .
  6. I like this forum but there is a strange standard here sometimes. "Jewess" would not be offensive at all. I posted a thread on Islam being a violent and oppressive religion (which it is) and got blasted from all sides. I suspect part of this is related to what our universities are currently teaching and the PC environment. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to have a honest discussion and use real words out of the dictionary without being blasted for it.

    It's one of the disturbing things about the radical left. If you don't agree with a position they take, no matter what your reasoning, you are immediately labeled as a "facist", "homophobe", "bigot", "racist" or whatever happens to suit the purpose at the time. It is totally dishonest dialogue and meant to villify anyone who disagrees. It's just the opposite of freedom of speech and yet the ones who are name calling think they invented free speech. Very strange!
  7. I actually read an arguement the other day proposing we allow the Japanese to re-arm themselves and start their own National Army -I wonder how frigging stupid these people are -how did they get into positions of power ? The Japanese soldier who fought on for something like 40 years after WW2 is living like a king in South America and is an idol to alot of important Japanese -withdrawing our bases from there would be ludicrous .
    On a side note -a few months ago I used the term ''Jewess'' and was condemned radically so-the term is Archaic yet accurate -i used it because i still type one handed after my surgery -as I typed before -the other day JensenS called that French swimmer a frog yet noone said a word -I don't understand the dichotomy .My trm was archaic -his was derogatory-at least according to Wikidictionary .
    i am not a nazi -I am not a hater -I am just a man who is not ashamed of his heritage .
  8. I'll look into it later. It's disturbing, to say the least, especially in light of the Ramos/Compean border guard imprisonment. It seems like there are those who want to do anything that hinder the US from defending itself or military functions.

    Thanks for the note.
  9. I left a link on that marine -sounds like he's gonna get screwed and be the next poster boy for the liberals . I hate war -not war as fought in defense of country -but over oil and making billionaires become trillionaires -used to be Soldiers got a cut of the Booty as incentive -but y the hell would any one join the armed forces if you are getting nothing and getting arrested ?
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