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  1. As long as i don't have to put an asterisk if i win, you may improvise. Thanks again
  2. Sure i don't mind if you improvise
  3. No problem -I'll give you a talented team -I'll stay within the parameters you set but if I get into a situation when your guys are gone you want me to imprevise ? I am fairly knowledgable .
  4. Thanks for your help in the draft.
  5. I was not sure who the announcers were, or how informed they were. They kept calling Jaggers "Jaggerson". Not to mention it was Hofstra radio. But I had no clue how it ended, it was way loud.
  6. Thanks man-sounds like Rug and Justin got screwed . Couldn't hear the announcers .
  7. yeah -all I keep getting is women's basketball-I'd prefer a root canal .
  8. This is Hofstra's radio show
  9. Thanks for the updates =where are they coming from ?
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