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  1. Stardust-
    Do you know whether Ward has lost since he moved down to 49 ??
  2. poophead -thought I'd let you know I am not mad that you won't buy me that package -plus-
    SERIOUS NOTE-just got an e-mail from Mock and Stabile is done for the year-just had surgery on an injury he received at RENO.russ.
  3. thanks-I drafted Kerber and he has yet to wrestle .
  4. I just copied/pasted that from the Scuffle website, they were just listing the "ranked" wrestlers on the teams that are coming.
  5. I just saw where you posted who was going to be there and might ''know'' -thanks anyway .
  6. what do you mean am I "sure" ? I've never said he's going to be there... I have no idea if he will or not. Sometimes coaches register guys but then they don't show up.
  7. SD
    Are you SURE Kerber will be there -the SID at Cornell doesn't know . Is he registered ?
  8. Stardust,
    Sorry ,I missed your original post -I assumed you meant the over all outcome and the 125 match was a key win for Maryland -Taylor walking into a headlock was also surprising -Jones is formidable but not really in Taylor's class -Greco,maybe
  9. Thank you so very much -chhris is now 32 -1 but he drives me crazy -0 pins 5 techs -12 majors and the rest are 1-2 point victories . he has been wrestling so conservatively lately -I think he puts too much pressure on himself -Thanks again .
  10. Henrich just won 4-3 over Burge
  11. Stardust -if you hapen to run across the score of Chris Henrich's match against NC State I'd appreciate it if you would update me -I am on dis-ability and cannot afford ACC Select .
  12. I'll relay the message to my friend -I don't want him flexing him if he's hurt -he lost earlier to UNG, I believe .
  13. He should be back this weekend when they wrestle VT and UVA
  14. I don't really care it's just that a guy in our fantasy league needed a 157 and this late in the season they are hard to come by -but I recommended Hamrah -got him 9 points last week .
  15. He's got a boo-boo too.
  16. I thought Hamrah was N C States 157 ? Where was he ?
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