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  1. Hey sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I'll do it, on one condition. I need you to make my last two supplemental draft picks for me and if possible submit my line up for this week. My computer was trashed so I'm at the Library for a little bit until I we have to head out of town for Christmas.
  2. How about we do the deal below then I promise to send you LARA for Martinez after the Midlands ?? You'll have a great young Oregon State kid and I'll have the ever disappointing Martinez . I need to make this move now as after the supplemental and the Scuffle and Midlands I will have no chance of catching anyone -and I did not take this team to go through the motions --
  3. Snackem-
    How about I send you #2 Ruschell and #12 Drouin for #9 Kyler and #10 Krom ?? You are coming out ahead 5 ranking points . All are in the same weight class 149-149 and 141-141 . All rankings new today at Div1 wrestling .
  4. Well look at my roster -everyone is avaiolable -you really ned to back up Lee -Boise's Schedule sux.
  5. I can't help you out with Merrill since I don't have him.
  6. I have NESS on my other team -just trying to get a decent 133.Or 141.
  7. I'll have to say no on Ness, I plan on watching him pin his way to the NCAA finals and quite possibly a title. Let me think about Lara. I've got to get to practice but when I get back I'll look at it a little closer and get back to you.
  8. Or perhaps LARA for Merrill ?
  9. Snackem-
    hey ,how ya doin ?-was wondering if you were a trading typa guy ? I could send you #5 Manuel and #2 Ruschell for NESS and Kyler .
  10. No problem-glad to help-Rumor has it Fio is transferring maybe to Oregon State-that would be great -I am tired of Boise State being the West coast all-star team deom the Title IX casualities -Cal Poly and Cal Fullerton are in trouble ...
  11. Hey thanks a bunch for the Oregon State breakdown, Last year was the first year in a couple that I started following College wrestling. Now I'm hooked, I can't wait to get to the NCAAs or the Cliff Keen national duals.
  12. Hi Snackem,
    I like Oregon State's chances for a second place finish in the Pac 10-133 -Kubec 141,Mangrum,149.Pena,157 -this is key -Kegan Davis moves down ,165 ,Ryan Smith comes in from okie state,174 ,Colby Covington,184 Arnand,197,Chad Henke and hwt Clayton Jack-it would take several upsets to win the Pac 10 but crazier things have happened .Russ
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