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  1. snackem-
    No faith in Mikey ?? He stuck Drouin . He is closing in on 30 wins .
  2. Snackem-
    I don't recognize that climb -I used to teach in Phoenix and used to go to Squaw Peak all the time -hopefully , when they replace my knee I'll be able to do something besides sit here like a choad !!
  3. I have LARA for Martinez !! Lara will place second to Robles but Martinez will place second to Kjar .
  4. Who cares ?? He is good for the rest of the semester -just don't draft his dumbass next year .
  5. Snackem-
    Someone paid off a professor or something but Martinez is eligible !!!
  6. SNAC
    if you scroll back a page or two Stardust has all the links to the LSV-it is free and running .
  7. Lara won't get by Robles but he'll surprise some people -how he is rated below Bartelli after he beat Barteli twice -one a major- is beyond me -can't wait to see how he does against Martinez -Martinez was on everyone's sleeper list and I doubt he beats Kjar the net time they wrestle . Since the points are basically erased come tourney time -I feel I am one weight class away from winning .
  8. Yeah I love the guys you picked up for me. I would have agreed to the Lara trade as well but I don't like Lara's chances come Pac-10 time. I don't see any way for him to get by Robles. I was actually going to pick up Mikey in the regular draft but he was gone before I was willing to get him. I saw him win his third and fourth WA State title, that guy was a BEAST in high school, so was Brian Owen, too bad his back can't stay healthy. I feel really bad for the guy, it sucks to end your career because of an injury when you know you could go a little farther.
  9. OK thanks -I hope you like the guys I drafted you -I think Covington is wrestling great for Zaleski and will win the Pac 10 and way too soon to give up on Mikey Mangrum-Kegan Davis would have been a nice pick up but with Pami and Hall there ??? I have 165 by commitee from Boise and love it -either Swartz comes back and wins the conference or Cuthberson will. 4 x Arkansas state champ and looks like a walking cramp. Kelly Kubec will be a 2 -3 x AA. Later Russ.
  10. Ruschell and Drouin for Kyler and Krom

  11. Ruschell and Drouin for Kyler and Krom ??
  12. I was going to ask you the same thing.
    Let's do it. You make the post and I'll concur with it as soon as I finish eating lunch (I just pulled a prime rib from the oven).
  13. Have you given any thoughts to trades ?? I really don't want to give Ruschell for Kyler and his 8 remaining matches as the ALL-ACADEMY does not count .
  14. Check out your line up and see what you think-Best I could do on short notice . If you DO NOT want to make that trade :let me know as soon as possible as I have to really work to win this thing .russ
    PS-I hope your insurance cmpany gave you a loaner car-you can pick up a PC at Amazon 50% off -3 gbs mem-less than $300....
  15. drop Green and Peterkin Add -Covington and Mangrum, 174 and 141 -tried to add Hanke but he was gone -Saw where Mikey was available and took him -great kid and wrestler -can't believe someone gave up on him -141 is a bitch in the Pac 10 but with Kelly and RJ as workout partners he'll improve steadily .Covington should have beaten Lee-all Lee's points came from blocking a gramby roll TD2NF2-4-2 final score . Either way you have the Pac 10 locked up at 174.
  16. Will do.
  17. I don't even have my roster in front of me just pick. All my info is on my laptop
  18. The supplemental ends any second -who do you want ?? Or you want me to pick ???
  19. No I actually like the trade, I get a 2 for a 9 and I'm giving up a 12 for a 10, I don't like the idea of
    Ruschell and #12 Drouin for #9 Kyler and #10 Krom

    Ruschell and #12 Drouin for #9 Kyler and #10 Krom. I don't like the idea of giving up Krom for Drouin but I do like getting Rushell for Kyler.

    Let me think about Lara for Martinez. I'm always willing to trade for Oregon State guys but I'm not sure I want to give up Martinez. I'll get back to you on Sunday evening if that works for you.

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  20. What ever you need -and you do not have to make any trades you don't want -shoot me the info .
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