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  1. Underneath that trade of Dennis/Ness -you'll see ''darnyourpayton'' and that's how the trade came about -Zapp traded me Dennis and Glasser for The injured Tyrel Todd-he thought Dennis would suck -I turned around and traded Glasser for Adam Hall so I got Hall and Dennis for Tyrel todd and Kelly Kubec -now 700000 trades later I have a decent line up.
    Those friggin' Minny fans are ready to put Ness in the white house . I hate Minnesota .I just wanted to see the measure of Zapp's convictions -he didn't pass with flying colors .
  2. McLemore just got stuck by a kid from SIU-Edwardsville -I'm thinking of hanging myself .
  3. I traded the last of my IU guys aay today -Fk goldman -I'll miss Kinser cause he's a great kid but I hate IU for now . mcLemore came from no where and won the MAC last year so I'll run him in the tourney -CMU can't settle on a 41 and MAC has beaten Lashaway everytime they've wrestled .
  4. As an alum I'm privy to the salaries of all coaches and that shithead is only making 65,000.00 a year -only as in comparatively speaking -if Purdue would get their shit together I'd cheer for them-but they recruit like shit -Cosgrove is pure funk and will be the next Jordan Leen -that's why i singled out Pelton -the kid was an Ohio stud and Goldman stole him and then tossed him back-at least I can give Chris Diaz credit for tearing up his oral commitment to IU-right now i'm a CMU fan -just because trevor stewart made the round of 12 last year with a broken hand -THAT is a tough man .
  5. Love your statement on IU..I went on a recruiting visit there in 95 amid the warnings of Jeff Jordan and low and behold I should've listened. Goldman's a prick and is a poison to that program. If they would give the reigns to Mena a lot of Indiana and Ohio (in which they never seem to get anyone out of) would become Hoosiers and that team would become a top 5 B-10 team and a top 12 NCAA team annually
  6. he said he had something screwy going on with his neck and that he would be fine by mid season, he should be good to go but I don't know about MAC Champion Lashaway looks tough and the CMU guys are always a bitch at the end.
  7. RD-what did your friend say was wrong with McLemore -I rewatched his MAC final against Lashaway and you could see the point where he just rode Lashaway to death .I'm just trying to get a MAC champion out of him after Hernandez went belly up on me .
  8. A huge favor -PLEASE-I'll give you Scott Glasser -a solid back-up 165 + he wrestles 1/3/09 against Okis State -if you'll draft Bradshaw for me at 197 -you could use Glasser as your flex this week and hopefully he'll do something against O.S . for you -doesn't hurt to have a back up 65 lber in another conference .
    Glasser hasn't been blown out by anyone and he'll win 85% of his matches -I have 3 65 's and 0 97 's .
  9. I kept checking the IU site and they had Coughlin's record as 11-2 , which is impossible according to their schedule -turns out Goldman sent a bunch of kids to the Cleveland state Open where they were ripped apart -Coughlin got second -losing to a kid redshirting named Shuster -intermat had him ranked ahead of vernon and 3-4 other top guys -he won the state in Pa. and his high school record was 153-17 -Heinrich from Va. was there , Cubberly,allthe Old Dominion kids--Budi-Strawn Wilson -Budi won it the rest placed 5th or 6th-I'm glad I dropped Coughlin cause he's been listening to Goldman too much -I'd like to see him transfer to Kent State his Senior year , that or Ohio , that way his parents could see him wrestle -
    That tourney took place 12/14 and I never heard a word about it .
  10. buddy of mine is assistant at NIU McLemore isn't ready
    Didn't hear that Todd tore ACL.........he is FUCT
  11. Warrior or not a torn ACL is a bitch -took me forever to recover from mine -and I didn't have anyone cranking on it -anyway I traded the last rites of Todd for Glasser and Dennis -I have zero waivers left to draft Bradshaw -and that one guy who never shows up has 2 decent 97 lbers but won't answer any PM's -going in to the Midlands I have 303 pts ,plus about 70-80 this week -I have a decent team for Midlands -Precin , Dennis ,Mclemore [thanks],Ruschell,Kinser ,Stewart?Howe and Massey at hwt .-3 guys at scuffle Trotman , Patterson and -hopefully Orozco.
    I need your serious opinion here -should I wrestle Hernandez as my flex or Howe ? Both weights are loaded but Howe ,IMO, might get some bonus points whereas I chose Andre as an IU fan -the only guarantee you get with that clown is he will beat Humphries -he'll lose to Schmaltz from some obscure Northern Indiana school but he will beat the Hump.
  12. I meant EWL
  13. You crack me up! Don't panic I think Todd is a warrior and will rebound, my hint on a 97 is look to the Socon conference
  14. The MAC is loaded at 133 -my guy , Kubec-barely got by Smith from Buffalo in the first round of Reno-that kid is like 20-4 now and his losses were to Humphries .9-5,Hochstrasser 4-0, Kubec 2-1, and then he wrestled in conso's to 6th -I think he lost to Dillashaw -or Rappo-either way for a freshman he is a bad ass .
    My 197 ,Orozco-sucks -but I picked hiim up aftyer Todd went down just for points in Reno and 2 duals then the Scuffle -well, turns out another guy from CSB-Halsey -went 29-8 2 years ago and won the Pac -10, then flunked off -now he's eligible and won Reno-Orozco took 3rd -but now this stupid SOB is messing with my plans -I'm thinking aboutr selling my computer and flying out and shooting him just so I can win some matches . At 197 I had Chriswell and Tod and got 9 total points from those fags -Todd hurt himlittleself and Chriswell has aids -well , some undisclosed virus -Fxxx it.
  15. You got a good one in that Cal state bahersfield Hwt -watch the Massey match where he cradles Massey -was working a single and locked it up-Massey kind of shrugged him off but the damage was done -i wish there was a 220 class and then a true unlimited -like they used to have -One of my best friends -Tom Zupancic -got his career ended when they went to 286 -he was 315 -5'9'' and had a 500 lb bench -was strength coacvh for the colts for a long time -Humongous man -used to lift cars with his neck -no shit-Monterio weighs about 220, if that, but he can wrestle.
  16. No but my college roomate was
  17. I broke down and PM'ed him -I just can't be that mean -I wish to hell I could but just not in me anymore . His fault if he doesn't change it -I am surprised you were evil enough to play along -your son isn't named Damion is he ?
  18. I like your setup let's wait.....I'd be surprised if Champ doesn't catch it
  19. Just between us -Tigerboy or whatever put Joey Fio as his varsity 125 lber -only problem is he dropped Fio 2-3 weeks ago for Sientes from Central Michigan -should we tell him ? or wait til he gets Fio's points then HAMMER him ? test of character here -I fail -what about you .
  20. I think Vallimont will rebound but your supposed to give me these tips BEFORE not after
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