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  1. I'll pass then -I only wanted him for his 4 matches this week.
  2. I already put Porter in my lineup so it'll have to be next week if we do it
  3. If you want Garnett for Porter let's do it today -I don't know if I'll be home tomorrow so we need to switch the line ups .
  4. The only way I can make this work w/out ffting matches would be if I gave you Marone and Garnett for Porter and Bendylon-Garnett has matches out the ying yang -including some where Sentes doesn't -Marone and Garnett for Porter and Bendylon .
  5. If your looking at porter still I like Garnett or Cleveland as possibiles
  6. Where would a man get the idea of picking up a 210 lb hwt ?I was going to work something since I picked up Poeta .
  7. when you say ''for sure'' do you just mean hwt or are you stating all those guys are going to win their conferences ? Because 57 -Val has to beat Poeta and 74 Browne still has to beat Jordan -and 33 in the big 10 is pretty open -how about this -I give you Accordino for now for Porter from Gardner Webb -and then if I don't make it I'll give you Cody -
  8. I have another 41 lber who will win his conference but I'd need a hell of as trade -I have Cody Cleveland who will walk through the Socon but I need his points right now as I am still on the outside looking in .I also have 2 25 lbers who will win their conferences Sentes and Garnett-my 65 will win his as well but they all have a boatload of matches left that I need to get into the top 6 . I was thinking of giving you Accordino for drafting me a hwt -then later we could work something out ? I have yet to screw anyone over in a trade and I have made a shitload of trades . Or who do you think will win the big 10 at heavy -I traded away Massey because I just don't see it in him -I think Wise might ...what would you offer for Cody ?
  9. I'm trying to find a conference champion somewhere at some weight I believe I have one @ 33 49 57 74 97 hwt for sure 84 65 25 maybes so 41 is the only weight I know I'm not getting a conference champion out of and that is what I'm lookin for I doubt Accordino will beat Williams in his conference so I'm on the fence with that one
    just letting you know what I'm thinkin
  10. Do you want to trade for a hwt ? I want that kid from Gardner Webb just for some points -i have wise and Accordino -that 141 lber I was tellling you about . You'll need a back up 141 in the big 10 because every teanm has a ranked guy except IU-even the Purdue kid is 20th . But they are all just going to beat the hell out of each other -hell-the defending champion has 6 losses . Maybe we could work out a package deal .
  11. If you could would you pick up Dustin Porter from Gardner Webb ? I am just so sick of watching candy ass fet guys who can't wrestle win matches on Weight alone -My other hwt , Marone , is also a 197 who moved up -I watched the National duals and Massey loked like he was going to stroke out any minute -Minnesota was smart -they wretled a different hwt each match -time Massey got to his 3rd match I could have waddled out there and kicked his ass .Noprmally I'd just sick with Marone but Porter can win his little conference and pick me up 16 bonus points . Out of marone's 4 matches he won two , had a fft and the other match was ice stormed out .
  12. That's ok -I traded my lard ass heavy for Garret from Va Tech . Now I need to find a heavy -Marone -the guy I'm, using is ok but I'll need a better one . If I need a hwt will you do that next week -same guy ?
  13. thinkin I'll do the Orozco thing for next week I'll let u know
  14. Really , Wise- HWT ILL- is on Archetichiteus' line up-if you are looking for a good back up 141 or 49 I can let you have Accordino from Hofstra-141 or Jarequi 149 -if you draft me a back up 125 -Orozco- from UCDavis . Accordino picked me up 14 points in the CAA duals over the weekend and is a good freshman -plus he's not in the big 10-Jarequi picked me up 11 points -I used him because Ruschell was hurt and he pins #19 Cheeza in the 1st and then TF;s some clown from Duquesne-I just need some one to fill in at 125 ause Clark only has 7 matches .
    Man , I figured I score 115 points but had 2 ffts and a no show because of icy roads -ended up with 91 , now I'm barely in 7th but still trying -please let me know as I'll continue my quest elsewhere.
  15. All right now !! John Wise belongs to Arch the Octupus guy -I have a 141 -Accorino -hofstra -draft me a back up 125 and he's yours .
  16. thanks bro I didn't see him on that guys lineup
  17. Yo-you need to change your line up as Williams from ODU belongs to that guy who never shows up-I tried to get either Williams or Tanelli from him all year and he won't even answer PM's .-I knew Zapp would come up with some lame excuse for not posting line ups -from week one when SGallan didn't post his and Zapp gave him the points but said then that everyone would have to post -Champkind called him on it th first time and I did the second and Zapp is going to do whatever the fudge he wants .
    I know you post as does everyone else -Mateater is the exception ...

    But CHANGE your line up as you DO NOT have Williams -just trying to look out .
  18. I thought we all HAD to POST our line ups for that week every week-Mateater did NOT post for the last 2-soon to be -3 weeks -why doesn't our fearless leader do something -like not give him his points . The RULES state clearly that we must post our line ups every Sunday -Mateater posted the previous seven weeks -so what's up ? He obviously knows the rules -I post every Sunday -you post -even Champ stops by and posts . Why the special treatment ?
  19. RD-all you need do is look at JensenS' midyear predictions -where even after 3 losses , he has Ness as the #1 133 lber . I made a strong stand for Esco last season and thought these guys were gonna form a posse and come get me -VERY Minnesota heavy here .
  20. I knew you had an ulterior motive
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