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  1. HEE-HEE-I own the #1 draft pick -thinking Metcalf or Varner -with caldwell out Metcalf is looking really good -I also have the 20th and 22nd pick -3 champions hopefully -if available I'll try to get taylor and Esco or Robles -Gomez is gone and a few others -at 33 I'd like Mitcheff but unsure if he can beat sentes .It is hard to beat a 6 foot tall 133 lber .
    .............U LOVE GOLDMAN
  3. Did you watch his match against Wright on youtube ? Wright was ranked 8th in the nation and Eppert 9th . Wright is a junior and had beaten Eppert the 6 previous times they wrestled-it was a wonderful match -Wright is a bad ass from Cathedral and Eppert was at least 6 inches taller than him -how the hell does hinkle get all these studs ? IU and Purdue let a good one slip away in March-he's going to CMU .
  4. Eppert must be a stud since he defeated Ty Mitch at Juniors, Mitch is lightning fast and destroyed Jim Jordan's son in the State Semi's this year.....YOU LOVE GOLDMAN
  5. If you go to youtube and look for Indiana wrestling state finals you will see the 119 match between Eppert and Wright -I was amazed at the size of Eppert -considering the last time I saw him he was at 103 -the kid is 6 inches taller than Wright and he took it to wright -He rides legs as well as an high school kid I've ever seen .
    Goldman is a whore -I sent JoeD an e-mail asking why he left Hofstra to return to such a BS program -he hasn't answered yet .
  6. I could't finish watching that shit !! He has the SAME office coach Blubaugh had when I was there -in the basement of Assembly hall-that has to impress recruits -vague answers to vague questions -what style ? Goldman was an animal on the mat but how do you teach ANIMAL ? Instead he teaches blocking and stalling and has everyone cut too much . Duane looks like he weighs less than he did when he wrestled -I have told every kid in indiana to go to CMU since Purdue and IU suck-now I am going to be a bear all day . Thanks . You'll be receiving a Scott Hinkel award soon .
  7. [ame=""]Duane Goldman - IU gettin back on top | Hoosier Daddy? on Flowrestling[/ame] thought you would enjoy this
  8. sorry dude didn't see your message until this morning and as much as I would have liked his points fuck Metcalf I hope he gets stuck by Terry!
  9. the little green light says you are on -you want that Metcalf deal ?
  10. my bad dude I forgot and it should be fixed now
  11. RD-you traded Me Dwyer and Porter for Stewart and Hamrah-you told me to...then you put Dwyer in as your flex-? you should wrestle Stewart and flex James .
  12. Man,
    Purdue just raped Indiana at 125 and 133 -Camden eppert and Cashe ? Both of them 2-3 x state champons -Eppert beat Wright who I thought was the best wrestler in the state and Cashe is a beast -Efin and Bebee might have some problems -Champ knows more about these two but I know they are studs -one kid -Sandefer , is going to Indianapolis ? That kid is big 10 material and Indianapolis has Irwin -one of the best wrestlers to come out of the state -Irwin beat the Okie kid at the Mizzou tourney .
  13. Made a blockbuster trade and Zapp says it is pending ....check it out 5 wrestler trade -I gave more than i got but I filled the gap at 49 with Metcalf -on paper it looks bad for me but I was bored and gave up only 3 guys I was going to use .
  14. I see you also stayed away from the big 10 at 33 . I wrestled Baker-just too tough and risky -with bonus for just the first 2 placements-I try to help accboy and he will beat out Meateater -the guy who picked PSU and Okie State guys and Herbert and hasn't been heard of -but wth Pataky and strayer in the big 10 and Mason at 65 and foster at 97 in the big 12 he'll have 2 many open spaces -I am not that nice a guy but for 4 weeks I was filling out 3 lineups -mine acc and Arch -Arch just quit turning them in .
    Hopefully ,I'll still be on the board when the tournament ends -Landlord raised my rent $75 a month and i barely survive now -I'll be homeless by April-but so what -I am 51 and have the use of 1 arm and am in pain every day and live on $700 a month disability -really would not mind death .
    Just wanted to thank you for our chats together -wish we could have met -and I say that VERY infrequentally .Good luck.
  15. Where we standing on that one thing ? Any word ?
  16. boy -tough to believe Sentes is a freshman -looks like an escapee from a concentration camp and is tall enough to play basketball yet there he is beating the elite 125's in the nation -ie-Nicholson twice and had Falck turned all around .
    IMO-angel was being selfish by not having the surgery and trying out for the Olmpics -healthy he might give Cejudo a match -it was close at the tryouts but Angel just blocked the whole time -His college legacy would have been great now he won't top 3 in the big 10 much less AA-last year ,about the same time -Steart beat Tatenbaum fromn Michigan then wrestled geat -I hope he picks it up -I have two really good 165's but no one who will break through Brown from ODU and Stewart -with the bonus points stewart should score about 30 points winning the MAC. What is Dwyer going to do for you if you get someone else ?
  17. agreed i'm just pouting, Sentes is the answer I think last night I was watching old video waiting on the OSU vs tupnorth and stumbled across VTECH CMU dual whole CMU team looked shitty after tough dual w/ Nebraska don't think it would happen that way again
  18. Can't take a joke anymore ? Man, Angel sucks -you were doing better with Bed.-he beat Futrell 2-0 on an escape and a fleeing the mat point . I screwed up and wrestled Honeycutt as my flex and Sentes stuck Dolan ..CMU ...I stil have Garnett at 35-5 if you need a 125 .And , I hate to say this , but you will.
  19. Bye bye dwyer hahahahahhaha
  20. Strayer missed weight and ffted so you get NOTHING--- hahahahaha
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