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  1. Ryan ,
    What have you heard about Steele -I messed up and told a guy I'd pick up a 165 for him and he's giving me Steele -
    141 Melde ??
    149 Metcalf
    157 O'Conner /Salazar
    165 Young/Kerber
    174 Manuel
    184 Askren /Craig
    197 Lapotsky/Orozco
    Hwt -Birchler /Steele
  2. I got on Flo's mailing list somehow and they say he will be wrestling for dretchler next year .I'll see IF I can figure out how to send you the e-mail.
  3. No way I know his dad he works as a door man at a club on high street and my 171 and I are going to Westerville next Tuesday for a workout with him. I will get to the bottom of this!
  4. Flo wrestling is reporting DEMAS is now going to Virginia Tech .
  5. I asked Gold to back off -give everyone a shock then back off once they learned their lessons -but not a lot of authority here . Definitely not much fun .
  6. Well I got screwed out of an entire week and am in the cellar
  7. ryan
    I guess I am fighting for second over here as ISU just trade LoSt Borschoff and Burroughs for Gillespie and Nemec .i guess ISU is mentel or something -I finally put LoSt on my ignore list with GAGE. I really hate it over here .
  8. RD-
    OR you can pick up Orozco-I had him last year and he was good /Halsey beat him out -he'll win the Pac-10 and has The CK and Reno and the Scuffle coming up .
  9. My last year coaching at Ben Davis we lost 12 guys 'cause they were gang bangers and a white kid beat one of their crew out for varsity , those little bastards threatened me and another coach-so THERE are worse things than going on a Christian retreat.
    What are we going to do for a 197 ? I traded away a couple os people and have a warm body in there -you should write Army -I keep getting ''we here at the mititary Academy have a policy not to let out information regarding injuries' and there is nada out there . The pricks over here see you have a guy hurt and they want Metcalf for Biondo. Since you have waivers I can give you he benefit of all my hours of searching-Mikah Burak from Penn -304x state champion from Colorado who spent 2 years at the Olympic wrestling TC after high school -second place in the Bearcat losing 1-0 to Simaz and won the Keystone classic by sticking Barone from Duke . His brother Gabriel is tough too at 165 .Pick him up and show the world what a genius you are .
  10. We had a scrimmage at Troy Christian Monday and Thome's dad is the assistant coach there. Bigger Thome Strained his LCL and is expected to return in 3 weeks.
    Toal from Missouri is also an Alum of Troy Christian and he has a little brother who is a freshman this year. He won the JH state tourney 3x and this year decided not to wrestle because he went on a Christian retreat this summer and he felt God told him he was focusing too much on wrestling rather than his relationship with God and he took the year off to try to become closer to God. Very strange for such a young kid with the sky as the limit as far as talent goes.
  11. What is the deal with Thome -has he wrestled yet -I see his little brother's name but not his -I had to trade for a 197 as The pricks from Army won't comment on Starks' condition -he missed all this week . Just what we need -an unbeaten guy going down .
  12. I hope Starks is ok-seemed sick-not injured that I saw -won 2 matches then MED DFT'd out .Gold not letting your line up in cost you and ACC about ...never mind .
  13. You are welcome .
  14. The good finallly was directed at Gold, he took 3 guys in a row I wanted early
    Thanks for the pix
  15. I mentioned Schuster to Lost and he said Brown was a dominant wrestler -BS-he is a combined 23-14 at 157 24-9 at 49 . I also tols him that he had the only weight class 157 -where his second stringer had pinned the 1st string -Nemec stuck Brown at 157 .
  16. I thought Green initially but the MAC will be strong this year @ 49. I like Shuster as a late rounder
  17. Ryan -send me your picks -we are down to the short strokes and I am interested in what you see out there -at 149 Desi Green won over 40 matches and a kid named Meagher had 23 wins -20 by fall -149 from Rutgers . I'lll just pickl off the list you send me .Russ
  18. Thanks dude I'm in another freaking wedding this weekend and last night I was running around gettin tux bullshit and tonight is rehearsal ya ya ya so prob won't be payin attention today either. I will send you a list of my probables if you would when its my turn just plug em in for me
    thanks dude
  19. Ryan -I had to pick for you -Monterio- or they were going to skip you . You have that Waiver thing but he's a decent hwt .
  20. Ryan -You have been up for hours -I can't make long distance calls or text -please make a pick before they take your turn away . You are under an hour -at about 5 minutes I'll make one for you if you want -hell.I'll do it anyway rather than have you lose your pick .
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