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  1. Andre -what can I say -??? -He MUST move up to 141-every kid @ IU looks anorexic as hell-I think AH can be a true contender @ 141-followed by Kinser , Coughlin ,and Young-I don't care what anyone else thinks but Fag at 197 was as impressive a true frosh as I've seen .
  2. I think that Angel does a very nice job with his weight and is able to get down comfortably - as this shows in his wrestling. On the other hand, I've always felt that it may do Andre some good to move up a weight class. He really cuts alot of weight and struggles through a lot of the season because of it.
  3. Hey CC-you think Angel and Andre ought to go up a weight class and give Ortega a shot ? Is it my imagination or does it look like the IU kids are cutting too much weight ?
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