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  1. Just posted my line up and put poop-head in at 149-he beat Chinn-majored the Illinois kid but will lose both matches just because he's in my line up-he is wrestling MSU and Duquesne but will find a way to lose .I'm tempted to fft .
  2. I FEEL your pain , my brother -I,luckily , couldn't even give him away and now he may save me as he has 3 matches in a week where Ruschell has 1-Metcalf -So I'll give the man another chance -I am a firm believer in second chances -strange how our paths never crossed at some freestyle tournament or another -probably because I 2 and outed alot . But i hung around and watched Zup wrestle -all his matches were 2-1, 1-0-that or he stuck the guy in 30 seconds -I hit Tom with an arm drag once and took him down and boy -he made me PAY for one lucky ass takedown . I've climbed from 13th to 10th to 7th to next week I'll be within 10 points of the top 6 -Kinser and Trotman missing 10-11 matches hurt but I put myself in position to make a run -but I am running on fumes .
  3. Brother Payton,
    Watch that SOB becomes the leading point getter for the next 3 weeks! This is about how my luck is going this year in fantasy wrestling world!
  4. MOJO-just saw the Lehigh/West Va. score -35-3 -the only win ? Jarequi over Chinn in 2ot-Man got me ZERO points all year .
  5. Brother MOJO,
    I don't know if you read the thread where we were argueing or debating steroid use amongst college atheletes in general-Now last year everhart from IU weighed 205-he weighed in at MSU open at 237.5 and he is sculpted -I don't KNOW anything but that has to raise a red flag -I've lifted HARD since right after colege and there is no way that can be natural-I'd like to believe not but the pragmatist in me says 30-35 pounds in 8 months is alot -almost too much to be natural-any opinions ? By the way , IU's freshman hwt. came in at 284.8-Zup fought allegations all his life but he was insane in the weight room . At IU alot of guys were juicing when I went there just for the little 500 bike race -of course back then you could order D-bol through Muscle and fitness magazine .
  6. I really can't say too much about Barnes. I know he was/is a freestyler, but I was less than impressed with him last year. I didn't know about the injury, so you have more knowlege than me Brother.
  7. That little blonde was his wife and she tried out for the olympics at 800 meters -then got into lifting with tom-Zup had so much will for a man that big -refused to be outworked -when he lost to lee it was 1-0 on a stall call-that was the only time Zup was ever hit with a stall that I am aware of .
    If you get the chance I would really appreciate your opinion of Barnes .
  8. Brother R Peyton,
    No I never wrestled Tom Zupancic. We were in the same weight class a couple of times, (82 National Open & 82 Concord Open) but we never wound up hitting each other in the bracket. I mostly wrestled 220 lbs through the 83 O.trials. After that, it was fat and happy at heavyweight. However, heavy was changed from unlimited weight to 286, ending the careers of a lot of good big men, Zupancic and Pete Lee included. You are right about him being strong. Dude was huge from the neck to the shoulders! I remember he had a little tiny blonde, (bodybuilder?) wife or girlfriend who would yell her lungs out whenever he was wrestling!!
  9. PS -you ever wrestle a good friend of mine -Tom Zupancic ?He lost 1-0 for Greco Olympics in 1980 to Pete Lee from Muncie then went on to become strength coach for the Colts . Zup used to lift cars with his neck-5-8 290 and his wife was a little tiny cross country runner who weighed about 90 lbs .Zupo was the single strongest man I ever wrestled -we use to go down from Ben Davis and wrestle the Indiana Central team-because they won the little state about 10 years in a row -you couldn't lock up because his neck was around 23 in. or so .
  10. I need a little advice from the expert -Heinrich BNarnes -real deal or not -my 149lber -the original one quit so now I have KBaxte -Barnes was a juco champ and went 22-7 last year at 141 despite having knee surgery at 3/4 mark of the season -he majored Drounin fron ASU and stuck 2 Boise State kids and beat 3-4 top 20 seeds -wrestled Olympics for south Africa and is a scoring machine -no one has ever heard of him but he could be this years Pope -he was obviously wrestling hurt because he lost to 2 kids he had majored in the pac -10 regular season -I know Mario mason is available but I am not that sold on him-Cosgrove was giving him hell til he got hurt at nationals . When Wisconsin red-shirted Graff and Cochico-edinboro quit i had to revamp -now i only have 7 player spots left to play with -pull the trigger and take Barnes or see how he does at Best of the west -MOW last year at 141 .
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