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  1. LoSt-
    Just trying to pull a rabbit out of my ass-thought if I threw you a couple of low-high AA's for a top guy and a rd of 12 we could maybe stay in the race. I see Bosak as top 3 now. The ONLY blocked trades have been mine-and compared to MOJO getting Hoch for Kubec and Jack ALL my trades seem fair.
  2. No thanks Russ

    I'll stick with what I have
  3. LoSt,
    If I can get things together in time would you take Young and Bosak for Taylor and Long ? We would need to work quickly as I'd need time to make some trades.
    Or Benefiel and Bosak for Lewnes and Futrell ? Or you can just take your chances with what you have.
    Your choice.
  4. Lost,
    Far be it from me to tell you what to do but Bonson is a guaranteed 12 + whereas 41 is loaded at Nat Duals. I see your point as he Med def'd out of Scuffle-just write Moore real quick and if he wrestles he dominates 2 guys and beats the 3rd.
  5. LoSt,
    No one is even answering me -I sent out several scenarios last night and hopefully i'll hear back soon . Having Lewnes and Taylor as untouchables is making this difficult -and people have seen ruth's skeletal frame and unorthodox style and have judged it questionable . Is LeValley off limits ?
    I am trying .
  6. lost-
    I just let Grips know that AU and Binghamton changed their dual to tonight ,the 28th , rather than the 29th . You may want to alert JensenS so you get all your points -this is not your fault as the universities changed dates .russ
  7. LoSt ,
    Has Patterson wrestled at 74 yet ? I thought he would wrestle the NYS's to start but he didn't -what do you think his chances really are ?? That is a big drop .
  8. Casperson do suck...
  9. Jones for L.Brown ??
  10. LoSt-
    Check out the year Jones is having-he sucks -I did this as a favor to MOJO-the guy is 15-8 and has lost to 3 true freshman -2 of whom are reserves .Orozco was my point man come conferences as he has beaten everyone but casperson and beat Hanke the other night .HE asked me .
  11. I don't know if you wrestled Ashmore today but he has had better days ..
  12. Look up Porter-that is who I am wresting in conferences -he has NEVER lost to an East Region guy -the week IU has Minny as their only match -Porter has the East region duals -he stuck all 4 2 years ago-then majored and pinned his way through his funky little conference -Young will then wrestle Nationals .
  13. Thanx-Zabriskie is allergic to bonus--would have scored more with Birchler -Young beat Chris Brown today and lost to #1 King 4-0-pinned 3 people -I think he has 11 falls on the year . So sleepy-stayed up to read/listen to ESCO/TNICK and 30 seconds into the match TNICK screamed and that was that -Esco , according to Earl-laid an ass whoopin on Sanders .
  14. Thats still amazing and 100 points more then what I'm going to put up..

    Pretty sure you are the #1 from now til the end
  15. Nah-I wrestled 3 backups -only 240-50
  16. If your numbers are right (which they usually are) you might break 300 points this week and set an all time record... Congrats Bro, I really think you are going to run away with the league this week
  17. Well any help would be appreciated, but I have no interest in parting with Sentes
  18. I'm really only looking for a back up 165 or 84 -I was going to offer you a player deal on Sentes since you've has such shit luck but you had to try and work me-I appreciate the apology and maybe you can't help your self but did you really think I did not know every detail in Scotti's career ?? much less this season ?? You made a nice pick up in Ashnault .
  19. Sorry...

    Guys I'd be willing to trade: Ashnault, Drouin, Greenwald, Burroughs, Vallimont, Erwin, Bosak, Bradshaw, L. Brown, Tucker Lane

    I think most of my other guys are pretty set, and it wouldn't make sense to trade them for what people would be willing to offer, unless a really attractive offer came along.
  20. OK-never mind
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